The Day We Almost Stood Raptured

I heard about it sometime last year. I read about it properly a few months ago. Either way, it did make me uncomfortable. O come on! Don’t tell me you did not pause for a moment, contemplating the rapture! Every cynic I know had an opinion about it.

Yes, I know, you are wondering, so what was my opinion? Frankly, I was freaking out. Not because of the heaven/hell concept, but the thought of everything not being the way I know it. I don’t handle change very well, and everything that threatens change, especially in the magnitude that the rapture drama took? I’d be lying if I said I was not somewhat cowering. Humans behave in very interesting ways when confronted by a situation they know little about, or worse, one that tends to threaten the perceived perfect balance they find themselves in. Yes,I said perceived. Trust me. There is no such thing as the perfect balance.

I move on. The reactions were varied. Some people cowered in churches. Others just cowered in their homes. Others decided to threaten the living daylights out of everyone else calling them immortal sinners. If you are among the ones who would rather laugh at a seemingly impossible yet quite possible scenario, you did the making jokes about the end of the world thing with me with me. Observe:

Yet mine were what you would call amateur jabs. Twitter was from hell! So yes. I am happy nothing raptured on 21st May 2011. No. I do not regret one bit of my life, the good the bad and the ugly. Those are my lessons. And most definitely yes. I suck majorly at handling change, whatever form it comes in.

Now, who reacted how and who cowered where? Is what I want to know. Don’t be shy. I promise I won’t tell 😀


18 thoughts on “The Day We Almost Stood Raptured

  1. Frankly I didn’t pay much attention to that Camping fella. Did you see him on TV? How now would such a fella be believable?
    Would be interesting to know how he’s explaining why the rapture didn’t happen. Or maybe he will blame it on a computer, I know some fellas who have before him.

    1. I know, right? Maybe he’ll be peddling the ‘Ako Kwa Jam Anakam’ theory or the protractor he was using had a slanted 90 degrees angle that he did not account for! Either way, strike 2 for him.

      1. Doesn’t that mean that we are always looking for something or someone to believe in? So when one man seems like they have the answer to a higher power and purpose, especially if they seem to know what they are saying and have the right look we follow them ‘blindly’?

    2. I know events have overtaken this post, but allow me to say, when Noah was telling peeps that there would be a major flood, guys didn’t take him seriously. He prolly looked like the Camping fella 🙂 This is not to say that I was fazed by that story, all I did was hold on to a one litre bottle of maji, so that if I went to hell…no I’m kidding.

      1. Taha! Yeah. See, one litre of bottled water in hell would cool you for all of er… well… lets see… 2 minutes? Good plan though 😀

  2. I was actually amazed that some people took this so seriously! I am not the greatest believer in religion (I mean I am consider myself a christian but I do not actually believe in the creation story- I know this is contradictory!) but even the basic reading I have heard of the bible is enough to inform me that such claims are nonsense. So on Sato I relaxed with some shots of viceroy and tonic in Eldoret town and at the zero hour, I was checking into a flight back to Nairobi – determined to soak in the rapture view from the air!

    1. Woah! You have got style Mister! Rapture With a View! Under the influence no less! That I would have loved to be part of. When is the next rapture again? 😛

    1. I did not worry about. I am a Vietnam Veteran, with Agent Orange health issues and probably not far from the end of my life. I think I am more likely to die of health issues than have to worry about raputre. Remember I have lived through several end of the world moments and I am still here.

      Also I have had my share of dying experiences, once several times in the same hospital. Dying is pretty much a lonely experence. I t will be whether one is dying by themselves of it everyone is dying at the same time. When I die, my reality, my view of the entire world dies with me.

      Dying is part of life, without it there could be no life as we know it. Life feeds on death and death makes room for change. Why should we be afraid of any part of life?

  3. The only thing that just about got raptured were my insides from too much laughing. I talked to one of those mamas driving a truck proclaiming the end of the world and she was soooo convinced there would be no May 22. She won’t pick up my calls now.

    1. Maybe her insides got raptured as well. Tell me she had not quit her job, sell her assets and hopped onto the heaven bound bus (I’m not sure whether pun implies here)!

  4. ‘A hangover from hell’ is one thing I like saying even when I wake up with a slight dryness in the throat. But this rapture day it really was from hell. So yeah, I did experience rapture and hell. And I lived to tell the story!

    1. Obviously, I’m the only one who did not drink myself into a stupid stupor. I hate when that happens! When is the next rapture day thingie again? I’m buying.

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