Me, The Headphone Eating Monster

5 Pairs of headphones. In a span of hmmmm….lets see….. well….. *whispers* about 8 months. Yes. That is the number of headphones I have ran through. I mentioned that to someone and he, in a priceless expression yelled, ‘are your ears acidic???’ This is the point at which I would probably have punch the living daylights out of him, but considering I’ve been baffled beyond words myself, I did the grown-up thing and pondered the question. I still have don’t have an answer yet. I need to visit a lab and do all those litmus or whatever tests that we used to do when we were young and blissfully ignorant.

See the most painful thing about the headphone/earphone thingies is that some were gifts. And some I spent a pretty penny to acquire. And the entertaining bit is that for all of them, the right ear phone is the one out of commission. I have toyed with the idea of doing mono vs. stereo listening of music or just clip wires hither and yon and try to patch right and left phones and hope that something works. Luckily, I’m a little too lazy to do that so I’ll just haul my behind to the nearest, cheapest dealer of earphones and get me a pair. Hope that it lasts at least a couple of weeks. O and feel free to send me the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. I promise I shall frame them and just look at them and never expose them to my acidic ears.


14 thoughts on “Me, The Headphone Eating Monster

    1. Who ENT specialist? I’m headed to the lab to get titration and the litmus tests going! O yay! Birthday present! 😀

  1. I’ve had of ‘talking something to death’……but ‘hearing something to death’????…….O_o ok you must have some ‘killer ears’….aaaand *hides*.

      1. *ducks* …….. on the killer ears…does that count as a superpower? you know all the cool superhero names are taken,right?…… villain…perhaps? O__o……. aaaand *flees this time*

      2. You think you can outrun me???? *places skirts on head. revvs broomstick* You are buttered toast mister! And that will be Miss Killer Ears to you, thank you very much!

  2. LMAO………I could not have come up with Miss Killer Ears,if my life depended on it …….oh,the costume being what exactly?haha……going through a list of possible archenemy names…… wah 🙂 *almost dying*

    1. What can I say? Miss Killer Ear has a nice ‘RING’ to it. Now hunting for a flappy costume to match. Try and stay *undead* till you see the whole ensemble 😀

  3. It’s very easy to care for earphones/headphones. #1 is to NEVER wrap them around your discman/iPod/music gadget when you’re done using them. Disconnect them and carefully store them separately.

    1. Thanks Archer. Aside from tripping all over them when I suddenly get up from my seat, I don’t do too much wrapping on gadgetry. The disconnect them and carefully store them bit? *bows head in shame* I have every intention of taking care of the next pair as I would a baby after all the suffering I’ve gone through via mono listening!

  4. Have you been vrooming away on some bad ass bike with your headphones on? Maybe they’re getting frightened to death.

    I often doze off with mine on…….. and wake up to yank them off rather carelessly. But still they don’t die that often. Your case therefore must be an acid one.

    Disconnect and carefully store them separately……. woi!

    1. I knaaaaw! Archer puts us to shame! Doesn’t he? As for the acidic ears, I decided not to fight the phenomenon. I’m doing the superhero thing. Super unique don’t you think?

      Ps: We need to like quickly start that biker chics club like the day before yesterday! 😀

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