My Spanking New Work Spot

If you don’t know by now, I’m a freelance consultant. Woah! Let’s take a moment here. *sigh* I’ve always wanted to use ‘freelance consultant’ in a sentence. It sounds vague yet completely mysterious! *wipes tear* Moving on. It follows then, that I do most of my important work (nothing like heart surgery but close) from my house, save for time wasters called meetings and client visits. I like it. It comes with perks including but not limited to perennial tea flow, getting out for a breath of fresh air without clocking out, flexible working hours (meaning I work ALL the time) and taking vacations to the next room whenever I need a break (obviously this needs to change).

So what’s with the ‘spanking new work spot’ thing, you wonder. I’m getting there. You may not believe this, but I am your average human being and like any other human, I get bored of my work station. Unfortunately, I have already done the quit my job, be my own boss, do my own thing, thing. Still, my workspace does require occasional shaking up. Change of scenery if you may. I have come up with an ingenious way of effecting this change, without completely upsetting the status quo.

My house has some rooms (excluding the bathroom and the toilet) which essentially translate to a few corners and walls that are considered real estate, with people, guests and residents alike, always claiming spots for themselves. Being head resident of the property, I recently decided to do some claiming of my own. After a complete survey of the area, I found the perfect place. Or so I thought. What I was eying had a smattering of toys and honest to God, I did not know it was claimed, let alone by a feisty almost 5 year old (please don’t tell him he is 4 years old. He gets all defensive about it). Satisfied with my find, I went on to clear toys and moved a stool and my comfortable work seat and gadgetry in place. The said almost 5 year old was asleep all this time, as I had decided to undertake said development early in the morning. Pleased with myself, I went about other tasks, daydreaming of how I would settle in my new work area. I was however rudely brought back to reality by a half screaming kid claiming I had moved his ‘things’ from where he had left them. That is when it hit me! The toys that were looking MISplaced were actually IN place! Ninja parenting had to kick in. Fast! Attempting damage control without letting go of a prime spot! I presented the argument of ‘but you are always in school son and mummy needs a nice place to do her work. Besides, you have other spots around the house’. To which he responded, ‘but I like this spot better and I’m not always in school’. He was not buying into any of my theories. A little back and forth with case presentations by both parties, and we decided to coexist in the area.

I know what you are going to say. Yes. I’m the boss. Mostly. I however believe in teaching the kid the art of standing up for what he believes in and reasonably asking for what he wants as a pathway to independence. Don’t get me wrong, when whoop-ass can opening happens on him, it happens pretty good. This time however, I went with negotiation and compromise. And we lived happily ever after, till I crave change of scenery again.


10 thoughts on “My Spanking New Work Spot

    1. Correction. Using my height. Technically, he and the space belong to me so I can move them around whenever I feel bored 😛 Not getting ashamed. EVER! 😀

    1. Yeah! Sure! Ok! Would you like a weekly report or something? 😀 We are still working out a system of space utilisation so don’t discount us yet! Hehe.

  1. My nephew has that “I am five years old thing” too! He started saying he was 5, even when he was 3. He turns 5 this December. What a coincidence. 🙂

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