Junior’s Nearly All Grown Up!

Almost. See for the past few months, he has been insisting that he is not 4 years old any more. And he would get all touchy about being 4, saying that I told him he was 4 when he was in Sparrow B Class of Teacher Meg (this tale has no end in sight. Trust me). So yes, to him, since he is in Robin Class, which is Teacher Nancy’s class, then obviously he is not 4 years old any more! You’ve got to give the kid credit though. Even when the concept of years is not clear, he seems to comprehend shifts in milestones.

Today is his birthday. All week we have been trying to decide what we want to get for our birthday. It’s kind of a collective thing since I am fully involved in the choice of gift. Last year, we got ourselves a bike. Naturally, I had to test-ride it, just to be sure it was safe (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it). It was a good bike. A speedo bike. It has served us er… I mean him well. Two nights ago, he had one of his brilliant ideas. With face all lit up, he came yelling for me.

Him: Muuuuuum! Can we go to Makunatt and return the bike so that the shop man can give us a Motor Bike? I am tired of riding the bike now and I want a motor bike.

Me: Son, it’s not Makunatt. It’s Nakumatt.

Him: I know mummy! That’s what I said! Makunatt. Can we go now?

Me: *hides face as I pull an eye roll* I doubt the shop man will want to exchange for us.

Him: Why? We shall give him my beautiful bike and he can give us a motor bike.

Me: It’s time to go to bed now.

I know what you are thinking. ‘Did she just slither out of a debate?’ No I didn’t! I am still trying to find easier ways to properly introduce the concept of money as a from of trade. Why did they abolish barter trade? This would have been so much easier! And did I mention this was around 9:15p.m., his official bed time? While it looks like I was escaping the crossfire, I already knew that no amount of discussion, logic or smack upside the head was going to work on a half grumpy nearly 5 year old kid so there. Plus by morning the idea of bike/motor bike exchange would have been forgotten.

We didn’t get the motor bike, which you obviously know would have been fun to test-ride for him but we got something equally fun. Should keep him busy for a while. I baked a cake for him too. Yes, yes, I can bake. Stop gasping for air!

He does have these moments of misplaced humor coupled with brilliance which he tends to be oblivious of and does not understand my shocked looks or bursts of laughter. He teaches me every day and has been a source of pride and joy. He is a blessing in my life and I thank God for him.

Happy Birthday Junior. You rock my world.


10 thoughts on “Junior’s Nearly All Grown Up!

    1. I know! Right? Their lack of fear to try new things and words is what makes them learn so quickly. What happens when we grow up?

  1. Oh, he shares a birthday with me on the same week? Trust me, he will turn out great, cancerians are predestined for good stuff!! Happy belated birthday to him and please get him a motor-bike from Makunatt (I know where he is getting the motorbike fetish from!)

    1. Happy Birthday week! Yes, Cancer signs are the gentle souls, taming lights and grounding forces of the universe. Come to think of it, I know enough cancer people! You think the universe thinks I need major taming? No. Don’t answer that. As for acquired motorbike fetishes, I have no idea what you are talking about! 😛

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