The Pool And The Bucket List

I’ll admit. I have a weired bucket list. Don’t believe me? Get this. My list includes kissing the president of the day. Go ahead. Pull the eeeeeeew…. shriek. I don’t blame you. I half gag every time I refer to that item. I’m hopeful though. Hopeful that by the time I get to cross that particular item out, none of the prospective candidates or the current holder of chair will be near statehouse. Hopeful that a stud of a guy will be the ruler of statehouse. Yes. I’m hopeful.

Then there was the item ‘sitting in an empty swimming pool doing nothing’. And the question you have would be…. why? Bucket lists are not supposed to have answers to scientific questions like ‘why’ or ‘because’ or ‘and then’. They are just there. And this happened to be an item so pay attention.

I can swim. Technically. Not that much though. Ok, I can’t drown. If my life depended on it that is. I also enjoy dipping my toes in pool water and watching other people swim. So you see, you can call me a veteran of the pool by virtue of being around the area.

During the week, the management decided to get the pool emptied, scrubbed and touched up some. No one knew it was going to happen so imagine the look on the faces of bikini and speedo trunks sporting individuals, towels over their shoulders, strutting about like gazelles, on a warm Saturday afternoon, upon sighting a waterless pool! Now imagine them walking away, pretending to be unfazed holding their heads up high, probably all the while, cursing the idiot that allowed the pool to be emptied without proper notice to pool users!

It had been a while since I dipped my toes in freezing water and I also needed to clock pool time. I was therefore among the pool visitors that day. The gaping hole of a pool with no water, elicited a delighted yell so loud I’m ashamed to call myself me! I did not waste any time. I yanked out a Mills and Boon equivalent (judge me all you want but the pool brings out queer reading tastes in people), hauled myself into the empty pool, walked right to the deep end and sat there. The experience was just as I had imagined it would be! No, better. Looking at the skies from in there, the perception of depth is phenomenal. I felt really small. Like a child. You know me, I’m always looking to re-live childhood moments and this was it. A few hours of reading and gazing later (about 3.5 hours) I was ready to call that task done.

I am now confident that my bucket list, as creepy as it reads, can actually be ran through. Neeeext!


10 thoughts on “The Pool And The Bucket List

    1. *clap clap* You have me and my clansmen’s votes Mr. President! Until we cross the item off that is… 😉

  1. This just made my afternoon 🙂 And yes, I have this image of you kissing a certain president. Eww doesn’t quite describe it; mine is a vision involving your hair standing on its ends, turning white then chewing a proper black out as the reality of it hits you…electrifying? Nope. Just seriously creepy.

    As for my swimming skills, I promise you I won’t sink either. Much love, gal.

    1. tsk tsk tsk Creepy! And seriously disturbing *shudders*. O yeah, it’s good to know we can kinda save each other from eventual drown. Somehow. hehe. Thanks missy 🙂

  2. I will also be running for president…yes, I know you wish Obama was president here! OK, I have postponed those swimming lessons for many years…wait till the sun comes out!

    1. Naah! Obama is too whiffy. I’m hoping for some muscle man president. No not you 😛 On the swimming lessons, I do theory but practicals you are your own. Charges, and terms and conditions apply 😀

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