Of Charities And Blood

Fact: I am not as brave as I have led you to believe. What, you knew that already? Ok. Here’s something you don’t know. I have been known to shed a tear or two once in a while. Smoke and dirt particles in the eye mostly but on occasion, the collective power and kindness of humanity has elicited the ‘boohoo’ wail. This has, surprising as it may seem, resulted in my thinking of someone else other than myself.

In the not too recent past, ongoing even, it has warmed my heart to see Kenyans, on the internet, coming together to support different causes, without any prompting and without personally knowing who they are helping but merely heeding to a cry for help. Causes like the Kibera Visits, #TeamBritish, and now recently FeedKE have gone to show that deep down, we are a family, and if we don’t look out for each other, then we are collectively lost.

It therefore should come as no surprise that my goodie-two-shoesiness started peeking from the deep darkness of me, and I figured while it is cute and all to help in the background without anyone ever getting to know, it is even more powerful to grab a noble cause and yell about it. After all, the support of the said humanity, meaning all you lot is the reason why I have continued to write and it is only fair I give back. Or pay it forward. Somehow.

Enter Wanadamu. A project aimed at bringing us together, again, in a bid to help save a life. When the idea was first pitched to me, it sounded unbelievably noble. Imagine this. Get the ever so willing Kenyans to register in a central database as blood donors. Should a request for a blood donor be made, then there would be a point of reference, a starting point if you may, to find a matching, willing donor, and all you need to do is link the donor to the recipient and voila! Life saved. No cost to anyone, other than the time spent to move from your point of residence to where a life needs saving. Brilliant ey?

This initiative of Kuna Vijana, in it’s simplicity has already helped save lives, by tapping into the well of goodness that has recently become Kenya, and with the I-am-my-brother’s-keeper mentality that has gripped all of us, we are making history, by engaging the internet in positive ways that define us as human beings.

Let us therefore register and support another Kenyan initiative and help save a life.


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