There is this Wiseguy I know. He never has an unkind word to say about my writing. So full of praise he is that he tends to get me into trouble. You know, the heart attack inducing kind. For example, he tagged me and made sure he, in no subtle words hounded me to get writing. I’m not yet sure whether to buy him a bottle of diet coke or slap him upside the head. He writes well, so I might just give him a free pass. Or not. I’ll let you know which way the vote swings.

I am made to understand that eGichimo came up with this campaign and in the spirit of carrying it along, here goes my 5 links.

My Most Popular Post – Happy Mother’s Day Mummy

This one didn’t surprise me much. In fact, I was glad it became popular. It’s one of those posts that came from deep within. Carrying all the emotions you can imagine (don’t get used to it).

Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved – Your Blog, Your Project

You lot are a tough crowd, that I must say! I was being all advisory and things and I honestly thought it would take. Got an e-mail or 5 about it though, of people thinking I might have been onto something disguised as advice *shrug*.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me – Telecommuting Is For Grown-ups

Believe it or not, this post was done mostly as a pep talk to myself. I thought I needed to say it out loud. You know, as a reminder of what I had gotten myself into. Clearly, we all need the talk once in a while and you lot identified with it.

My Most Controversial Post – File Update

I don’t suppose there is anything I can say 1.5 years later to change your mind as to your translation of this post, is there? So controversial was the post, I had 2 readers actually give rewards to the most creative interpretation of it. I stand by my previous stand 😛 There was no need to interpret the post. 😀

Post I Am Most Proud Of – A Tour About Nairobi

This post was done on a very special day. That plus I had suddenly discovered the wonders of stopping to look around. To appreciate what is. I still undertake these tours and love them.

Looking at all the blogs I follow, I see no one got spared the tag mayhem so I’m left with no one …. wait! I know someone who has been hiding from the blogging world! Alex The African Let’s return the favor (or pressure in this case) and tell him to get writing. O yeah! Someone else! Baraza She writes brilliantly. There! Done. I’ll now tiptoe out of here as I wait for The African and Baraza to get writing once they are done cursing me.


4 thoughts on “#My5Links

  1. I get to be the first to comment?

    Looking forward to some reading over the weekend. Really liked this campaign as it made me look back at all the writing done over at the blog.

    And yes, the pressure’s on. We need to make you and your writing famous… if it isn’t already.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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