Superhero and Sheep

Schools have closed. This means I am, and have been for the past two weeks, my kid’s new playmate. I love playing with him. I don’t get much play time when he is in school, so you can call this my holiday as well. It is as good as it gets most of the time anyway. If you don’t know what 5 year olds play, think soccer, cycling, horsie, superheros and dogs. Sometimes, sheep. Most of the games I learn along the way. Others I never ever get to learn but well, what’s he gonna do?

It was one of those mornings where after my morning tasking and productively working, I figured a break was necessary. And him, like the idle mummy radar he is, homed in on my idleness, came running and planted a huge wet one on my cheek in a bid to introduce/con me to the new game of the day. The idea was to dress him up as a Superhero and I would crawl around bleating like a sheep. No. No awkward moment there. Trust me, if you had a clue as to what other games entail, you’d realise this is one of the most face-saving ones.

I was lost at first. I mean, superhero? Sheep? Superhero and damsel in distress I understand. A German Shepherd and sheep, sure! But superhero and sheep? I was wearing the same clueless face you are right now. But as I said, break is break, right? Plus I was curious. You know how terrible I get when I’m curious. Apparently, after what would be 45 minutes of him explaining, almost breaking into tears because I just could not understand (I’m sure at this point he was sure I was adopted), I got to understand what the game was all about. It’s one of those cartoons that he had watched, where sheep were crossing the road, and sheep being slow in nature could not cross the road fast enough and there was a truck moving very fast towards them. The superhero came flying from the skies (he jumped from the chair to effect this illusion), grabbed the truck (it’s a light truck don’t go calling child services on me), yanked it from the road and hurled it across the fence. And hurray, the clueless sheep were saved!

Playtime was over. It had to be! First I was thirsty from all the bleating. Second, my knees were killing me from crawling around. Third, my head was hurting from trying to understand what the game was all about. And fourth, I was beginning to feel awkward. He was happy. We went and grabbed ourselves 2 cups of chocolate and cookies.

Are you waiting for a lesson? Stop holding your breath lest you faint. Mouth to mouth isn’t my thing. Sometimes play is just play. No lessons. Just fun. Indulging in the moment. Letting go and being as sheepish as you can allow yourself to be. Then getting on back to life and lessons.


14 thoughts on “Superhero and Sheep

  1. That’s a showcase of what a lovely mum you are to him, and boys feel good when you do their thing with them. And just like you put it, sometimes play is just play. But something funny with kids, they never realize they are learning lessons in their little and sometimes silly games. I wish I could meet your boy …:-)

  2. whenever I read one of your post,cant help compare childhood these days n back then…….what kind of cartoons are kids watching these days :)? coz super hero n sheep, thats just scary……..if you really,like really think about it.

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