The Banking Idiot

I am naturally a very level headed chick. Babe. Girl. Ok, fine! Woman! Semantics! One thing that has however eluded me is times and dates. Don’t get me wrong, I will keep time and date as long as you communicate the two well in advance. I am a planner. I don’t do very well with impromptu dates and meet-ups. Actually, I don’t do well at all on the second one but that’s not the point. Take today for example. It is one of those days that the government and the Muslim leaders pick out as a public holiday after the moon sighting. That doesn’t automatically mean that plans get canceled. Not in my head anyway. I am worse than a trailer. I don’t just change course on a whim.

Today is one of those days I head to the bank and ran a few errands. It completely slipped my mind that they had announced it was a public holiday. My schedule thus began just as it does on such days. Wake up early, send out a couple of e-mails, reply to urgent mail and get ready to head on out. Having everything ready, including cheques that needed depositing, I dash out the door at about 10 o’clock. I am pleasantly surprised that there is no traffic. I’m happy with myself and I think, ‘today is going to be a good day’. More so because I am using public transport and the transition from one transport vehicle to another is unusually smooth! This is one day that I actually get to choose which seat to occupy. I like occupying the empty seat. Then I can send out texts as well as tweet and do facebook updates without the person next to me looking over what I’m doing (actually it is so that they don’t recognise me from my username). Today is a good day. Empty seats on either direction. No need to hide my mobile device inside my handbag as I type away.

Then comes the last stop. Crossing the road is always a nightmare especially on weekdays, with everybody rushing to put out fires in some distance land. Today however, I am sauntering across the road, nearly stopping to tie up my shoelaces right in the middle of the road, with a minute to spare before the next car zooms by. Today is a good day. I get to the bank’s entrance. It is closed. I’m momentarily confused. I don’t think they could have shifted overnight. Not without informing their customers. That would be plain rude! But then again, this is a financial institution we are talking about. I however give them the benefit of doubt, seeing as today seems to be a good day. I mean, they may have just forgotten the opening time or they are running slightly late. They could also be cleaning. I’m very optimistic. After all, it is a good day.

Couple of minutes later, I notice the area is a little quiet, even on this good day. But that’s all I do. Notice. So with a dashing smile, I approach the nearest security guard, and with a voice to match the smile, I ask ‘aren’t blah blah bank opening today’? Matching my smile as best as he could but with a voice that nears sarcasm he answers ‘today is a holiday madam’. I smile, and with as much dignity I can muster, I mutter a thank you and walk away.

Today is not a good day. Not for me anyway. After all, today’s schedule gets crammed onto tomorrows.


16 thoughts on “The Banking Idiot

  1. I had a bad day at the bank too. More specifically, the ATM. It swallowed my money, sort of, then refused to let me have any more. Decided to drown my sorrows in blogville when wouldn’t you know it, the words ‘banking woes’ jump right out at me. Sigh.

    1. And that is why you will always be my doppelganger! Creepy! Hehe. May the banks, ATMs and holidays not win the day! Sorry for that nasty experience girlie 🙂

  2. I hate banks too (except when someone has just deposited a huge sum in my account, then they are the best think that ever happened!) – but moreso I hate the holidays that come in the middle of the week, too disruptive and obviously from your experience, some folks get totally disoriented! I wonder why they cannot move the midweek holidays to either monday or friday – I think everybody will be happy with that!

    1. There will be general happiness all round! Extended weekends, undisoriented me….. The should get a clue on this one! Yah! Banks don’t do the think thing 😛

  3. I totally feel this post. I just realized i am not alone at noticing…just noticing and not taking note off….hehehe. You put it so well.

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