Sucker Punching The Movie

At first glance, it is a girlie movie with a badass twist. Very easy to ignore. And I almost ignored it. Patience in most cases never becomes me so if you do not have my attention in the first 5 minutes, I already moved on. But not this movie. For some reason, it got me analysing a lot of things. The quotes, while sounding canned had deeper meaning. Or maybe I was just in the stop-and-really-listen mood. You know, the mood where everything around you seems to be delivering a lesson. Or urging you to analyse situations. And I did. Between the Wiseman and Sweet Pea, an exchange of meaningful quotes took place. Observe:

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything

Swirl this one whichever way you see fit. But no matter which way you look at it, it does make sense. What are you? Your beliefs? How easily are you swayed by the world around you. Do you have your principals? Boundaries? Sense for what is good, what is right for you? A path, no matter how tired you feel are going to follow? I follow a very….., for the purpose of not getting myself hounded, I’ll use entertaining gentleman on twitter. He had an interesting quote that said; Discipline. For when you’re low on passion. Same thing applies here for me. Stand for something. You’ll never fall for just about anything. And when you are low on energy, go through the motions. Till you can pick yourself up again. And you’ll be happy you hanged in there.

For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know

I know sheltered. I have tried living it. Successfully to a point. But it appears the walls are crumbling around me. It is a very good thing. In terms of opportunities, experiences and lessons. The limelight has always scared me. But facing the monsters out there gives you the fight you need, for a life worth living. What was that they said about facing the things that scare you the most? My thinking, they become less scary. Besides, you’d rather choose to face them than the choice be taken from you.

For the sake of not diluting the movie for you lot who might be interested in watching, I’ll leave the rest of the quotes for you to discover. Tell you what though, if you can learn to be an observer of life, such that you are able to detach yourself from situations long enough to look for lessons or solutions without letting your judgment be clouded, you are well on your way to living a really fulfilling life. She said, you have all the weapons you need. Now Fight!


10 thoughts on “Sucker Punching The Movie

  1. I think it was a good film – Here’s another quote…

    Rocket : Have you ever wanted to just take something back? You know, something you said, something you did?

    Baby Doll : All the time.

    Lesson: How will you feel after sending that sms

    1. Don’t tell anyone but I just stalled on sending that really yelly, screamy text thanks to you! No. It’s not a good thing. I would have felt so nice for the moment! Damn you! 😛

    1. Violent? *whispers* You really don’t want my collection of violent and horror movies then *walks away*. Soon as you are done thinking, let me know what you stand for. If your brain doesn’t explode in the process 😛

  2. Yeah, I was in one of those ‘everything in life is a lesson’ moods this weekend. Guess what I watched. Eureka and Kung Fu Panda 2. Bad idea. All that lesson-learning left me with a headache! =)

  3. Oh, people are supposed to learn lessons from movies? I thought we are just meant to either laugh or cry…looks like it is a good movie. I have not watched it but will be on the lookout. Been a long time, how are you doing?

    1. There are several categories of movies: Lesson teachers, scarer to deathers, laughers, criers and time wasters. The theory according to mwa. Yes. Been a a while. I are doing good 🙂

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