I Smile, Thanks To Wanadamu

Adams and his Mummy

The smile I never get used to. The boy that continues to touch my heart. The boy that I met thanks to Wanadamu. The initiative that has helped save lives and deliver such smiles to our hearts.

I told you about Wanadamu a few months back. I already knew it was a noble cause then. What I didn’t know was how it would affect my life or the lives of people around me. I have laughed. I have cried. I’ve had episodes of phone-to-wall smashing. Best of all, I have met extra-ordinary people living very low-key lives. People who help without asking why. People who are grateful even for a simple ‘good morning, how are you doing’. Strong people who even in the face of adversity are stronger than 2 of me on a very sunny day. Who always have a kind word and a smile for you even when you have nothing to offer them.

This is why I will continue supporting Wanadamu. This is why we should all support in whatever capacity we can. In it’s simplicity, Wanadamu is an initiative that maintains a database of registered donors, who get called upon in case of emergencies to donate blood, with the convenience of registering online or sending an e-mail to wanadamu@kunavijana.org with your name, cell phone number, location and Blood Group or sending an sms with your name, cell phone number, location and Blood Group to +254737712509.

What would we be without each other to pick us up when we are down or lend a helping hand?


12 thoughts on “I Smile, Thanks To Wanadamu

  1. One day Wanadamu called me that they needed blood type O+ for a patient at Nairobi Womens. But when i got there, i found that they already had more than enough blood from the people who turned up to donate. I was touched, moved beyond and i still cannot describe how that kind gesture moved me

    Let us all support Wanadamu……

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