The Walkabout

A walkabout, I read somewhere, is best defined as a short period of wandering bush life engaged in by an Australian aborigine as an occasional interruption of regular work.

I’m not an Australian aborigine (looks can be deceiving) and looking around, the shrubbery near me would not qualify as bush to be wandered in. Still, me being me, this has not stopped me from doing my own version of a Walkabout. In my head. Mostly. It may surprise you to know you probably have done your own version of a walkabout. In your head. Or the neighbourhood. You know, those times when you feel you just can’t take it anymore and you just want to be alone or need to take a walk to clear your head? That is my kind of walkabout. First, it doesn’t involve a lot of financial or mental (ok maybe a little mental) preparation. Or writing a will lest you get mauled by the jungle dwellers.

Mine started at the beginning of this year. I called it Introspecting Spectacularly. When I begun, I knew I needed to critically and inwardly take look at my life, define what life is, what I imagined I wanted to do and what was practical in my view. Consciously deciding you want to know what you are all about brings out a lot of ‘demons’ and ‘angels’ and I have faced a good number of mine. I have also gotten to do things and learn lessons that I believe were moulded by my making the conscious choice to review my life’s path and purpose. I still have a month to go on the Walkabout, but having settled so much into it, I don’t think I want to let go of the mini Walkabouts or the lessons to be learnt therein.

The mini lessons, my style, seem to have fallen into 3 major categories:


This concept was properly introduced to me near the beginning of the year. Not just the word trust but the overall deep concept behind the word. We are so used to language that we do not take time to really feel and decipher what certain words actually mean, and their impact in our daily lives. Trust does just encompass one person to the other. It also involves trusting yourself, and trusting the universe. It takes time, believe it or not. Just like the way trusting people takes time and, to use an all time cliché, has to be earned, trusting yourself and the universe takes time as well. Picture this. You are on your way to work. You’ve made good time. At the bus stop, a very funky bus stops right in front of you but your first, the slightest, most fleeting of instinct tells you not to get onto the bus. What is your first conscious thought? That you are being paranoid or unreasonable and this is a very good bus, that you have boarded severally and it has always gotten you to the next stop on time. Without fail. Now, suppose you get into the said bus, and 10 minutes into the ride your favorite bus gets a puncture. What do you tell yourself? I should have listened to myself! Just one example of how we ignore ourselves and have to learn to trust ourselves. Trust the universe as well. You’ll be surprised at how things will start falling in place once you learn how to.


Learning never stops till we are dead. Cliché? You best believe it! But how many people actually don’t notice or ignore the cliché all together? You walk around with the air of ‘I totally know it all!’ You don’t stop to think about that small child, that blackout experience from Kenya Power and Lighting Company, the irritation by the annoying government spokesman the woman begging on the street or even the weed (not the smoking one) that just one day sprouted outside your yard and is making your beautiful lawn look unsightly! Lessons. Everywhere. In everything. I have looked and come to realise that I know nearly nothing. Forget the academic experience you have acquired. What, you have 2 PHd’s? Good on ya mate. Do you know how low the temperature falls in the night? Ever thought of asking the homeless lad you pass by every morning on your way to work? ‘O but I have no need to know how low the temperature at night falls’ you say. And I will try very hard not to call you ignorant, and hope that in your escapades, your car never breaks down in a most inopportune time, say, like at night and you have to babysit it till morning when ‘they’ are able to send help. Simplistic? Of course! Lesson? You betcha. Come on, think of lessons you can learn from what appears to be the useless of sources at first glance.


Me? Preaching? Not on your life. Also, the last time I went to church is neither here nor there. Mostly theeeere. But believing in something (yeah, sure, believe in your awesome pair of shoes if it makes you happy) gives you some sort of balance. Grounding if you like. Believe in God. Your kind or form of God. A higher power. The reason I advocate for this is development of faith. You get into a project. You can see it’s immediate future and think that you have all bases covered. No. You don’t. Most of what you are doing is moving by faith, whether it is apparent to you or not. Now imagine consciously knowing that most of the things we get into are faith driven. Faith in ourselves, in a higher power, in the universe, in our friends…. The best way to increase this faith is increase your belief. The best way to increase the belief is to believe in a higher power than yourself.

O look. Time for my next mini Walkabout. Catch you when we can.


9 thoughts on “The Walkabout

    1. Thanks Zack. The good thing about starting on the journey is that with each step, you not only begin to define yourself but you actually feel in control 🙂

  1. Hey Carol, the annoying govt spokesman? You have at last expressed an opinion bordering on the political? I see the walking about, er, walkabout is doing stuff to your head! Anyway, good post and I hope the walking about will make you produce more posts!

    1. Hey Charles, I’m just quoting all you lot! A little 😀 Unrelated: It’s never the walking about that does stuff to my head. Besides the point, no? Thanks 🙂

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