As The Year Comes To A Close

I sit here with nothing profound to say to you. Yeah I know…, you’d think after having a whole year of introspection I would have this huuuuge thing to say to help change your life. Ok, maybe I do (now thinking excessively and unnaturally hard). I have had the most spectacular year by the way and I am grateful for your company.

O wait! I forgot to mention. I had a really nice holiday. A break from routine which I totally needed.

I went here among other places.

And saw this, among other things.

I’m feeling quite refresh and ready to tackle the coming year.

One more thing. The other day I was asked to define the word Trust. See the problem is, we like throwing words around but never really pin down a meaning that we understand. No, forget the Oxford and those other huge books called dictionaries tell you. What meaning do you give to these, for lack of a better word, ‘heavy’ words? Words like Promise, Trust, Integrity… And a few others? So this what I came up with, after thinking extremely long and hard, paraphrased:

Trust: The ability to feel you can rely on someone, both when you are at your best and when you are at your worst. Knowing that the person will defend you, whether you are there or not, come rain or shine. Meaning that you do not have to hide your worst self or are not afraid to speak your mind whether you are right or wrong, for fear of being judged or misjudged. Also means that you can take risks in your personal and professional development, with the knowledge that the one person you trust will have your back whether you fail or succeed.

So anyway, I hate long goodbyes so….. see ya on the other side. Blessed 2012 you lot. Be good. Ok as good as you humanly can. Without hurting anyone or your brain cells.


11 thoughts on “As The Year Comes To A Close

  1. Wow I still cannot believe Christmas is gone and the year is over. 2011 seemed to just fly past. Nice holiday pics but *really* That fast moving river is a bit scary and of course the water would be way too cold for me. Have a great new year!!

    1. With the likes of you around? I’ll have to be on my toes to keep you lot happy! Thanks btw. For keeping it here and a happy one to you 🙂

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