A Tribute as We Go Guns Blazing

Hello you lot. Welcome back. I’m glad we made the cross-over safely. There is however one little angel who didn’t make it. And his, is the Tribute that I am taking a moment to pay on here.

The year did not end so well for the me, Adams’ Mummy, his friends and the Wanadamu family as a whole, as we lost yet another little angel, Adams Kibet. I wrote about this wonderful boy and my experience and interaction with him, and if there is one thing I shall forever be grateful for, is having known this wonderful boy and his mummy, who have continued to inspire me and give me strength. This strong mummy of our fallen angel was there for me when we lost yet another little angel, Latoya, and I couldn’t make head or tail or meaning of such loss.

For fear of ruining the wonderful memory that this little boy represent to us, I shall say, Rest In Peace sweet angel. Watch over us as we carry on the fight that you gave meaning to.

Right. So we all know that I can never make New Year’s resolutions. Mainly because, as evidenced severally here and elsewhere, I can be quite scatter brained. I however like setting the year’s theme, preferably in the first week of the year. This I never do lightly. I do it after various consultations, including the Oracle. I kid you not. Last year, I was Introspecting Spectacularly. I have talked about the experience no end so I won’t go on about it. This year, We Go Guns Blazing. Having run through the year trying to understand who I am (kind of) I think I am now ready to take me for a test-drive. I am not sure what it will all be about but hey, that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? So yes, I’ll keep you posted on the blazings that we (ok I) do and this being an election year, let’s try not to lose our heads as we make decisions that will affect us and the beautiful country we love and call home.

A smashing 2012 to all of you.


15 thoughts on “A Tribute as We Go Guns Blazing

    1. I do believe in looking for the bigger lesson in life’s tragedies, especially since I have one to hang onto in this case. I thank you for your kind words 🙂

  1. Isn’t it just so hard to deal with the trauma of losing an an angel you were so much hopeful about. Seeing them slip away is in itself a tragedy to the heart. May the little one rest in peace.

    1. There is no pain like it. Thank God for good, encouraging friends… 🙂 Very kind and supportive of you Eric. As always.

  2. A memory of you will live forever in the hearts of those you left behind, and will meet again face to face. Rest in peace little Adam!

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