Going Green. Thumb.

Go ahead! Laugh! But I will not let the landlord or nay sayers prevent me from painting my thumb green! On the balcony. Sometime last year, I informed you lot that I wanted to acquire a certain plot of land (the landlord’s flower bed really) but I had some legal issues as the title deed (permission) for the said parcel of land would not be availed to me. I have this very unwelcoming habit, where in my head, no means challenge. I can never turn away from those. It being a new year, I decided to give the green thumb a trial.

I did go plant shopping (yep! You can do that) and found myself two nice plants. They were looking at me, begging me to rescue them. And since I’ve been known to bring home strays, my heart just melted when I saw them. I took them home and it was celebration all round. Gave them nice spot on the balcony, some water and I believe they will live happily ever after.

There is a group of people who purport to know me well, and when they saw what I up to, they were very quick to hand me their thoughts on my strays and survival probability.

This one even believes I need babysitting if the plant-life is to grow. Pfffff! I totally can keep the plants alive!

You know what this means, right? CHALLENGE! I will dress those plants every morning, keep them company at night while they fall asleep and sing them cute cuddly songs, if I have to, if only to prove to this lot that I am no plant killer!

In fact, I am going to fill the said pseudo-land (whispers a courage prayer) with plants to show the non-believers that I can do it!

Yes you can now wish me luck.


21 thoughts on “Going Green. Thumb.

  1. Know your plants Caroline. See the plant on the left? Its a tree. It is called Selenicereus chrysocardium. It will outgrown the pot, crack it, outgrow your landlord’s balcony and crack it.

    1. You know I love you, right? So I say this with the utmost unshouting voice! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? That’s totally a fern! They are both ferns! No I don’t know their biological names but so not going to crack the landlord’s balcony! *kneels down and prays* 😀

    1. I know what you mean! I am freaking out! I keep checking whether the leaves are still together or if the soil is still moist enough. 😀

  2. You have engaged yourself in a very honourable occupation but please bear in mind that some plants are extremely weird – you will go to great lengths, give them all the tlc and still they will die. It is not a reflection on you if this happens. I’ve lost hundreds of plants but I still love the ones that have survived. Good Luck

    1. Thanks Woolie. I’m already beginning to panic because one of the flowers is not doing too well. But the veggies are thriving! Patience, hands on. One of the lessons I’m learning 🙂

    1. First, do you know how chilly it gets at midnight? How I know is irrelevant! Second, you have been replaced. As friend. 😀

  3. I took a road trip to Naro Moru some years back and someone made the mistake of giving me a potted aloe vera plant. I had very intention of lovingly nurturing it you see. The enthusiasm of it all had me bouncing off walls…

    And yet it puzzles me to this day why (oh why) the lovely thing dried up & died on me 😦

    2012 is treating you kindly I hope?

    1. *sigh* Child.If you didn’t remind me so much of myself I’d feel sorry for you. *shrug* 2012 is trying to be kind. Yours too I hope…

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