Make Tea. It’s 3am.

I really, really REALLY need to review my work schedule. Yes. It is the ungodly hour and I just decided to catch a break from one of my maaaany projects. Cup of hot ginger tea. I can hear the lot who like making fun of me and my ginger tea giggling. It’s not that I’m addicted to work. No. It’s not that at all. Not too much anyway. It’s that I sometimes get so engrossed in what I’m working on that I don’t notice time passing. Or sometimes I cannot go to sleep when I hit a block because, duh…, who sleeps when they are busy thinking of how to solve a problem? You do? Hokay. Good on ya. Not me though.

*sips tea*

So yes, the month of March has started with a bang. I can’t believe it has even started! Where is the time rushing off to? I have like a million things on my to start doing list and if time keeps beating corners on me like this, I’ll still have that list come mid next year. I do love a busy life though. You have never seen a non-busy me. My brother says that I look like I have ants running up and down my bottom, thus, a busy me is a very good me.

*sips tea. Again*

So where were we? O yeah. Break. The problem with this break is that my brain is so spent I can’t even think of a joke to save my life. But I can tell you today… wait that would be yesterday by now. Seeing as today is Monday and yesterday was Sunday. Yes. Yesterday was my wonderful brother’s birthday. I will not get into details of what went or didn’t ‘went’ down. Reputation to maintain and all. My brother is one of those extremely hilarious guys. I remember when we were young, he would read the funniest comic book and come narrate it to me. Just to make me laugh. I like a good laugh. I like a man who makes me really laugh. I have several of those my my lucky life. My brother tops that list.

*slurps tea for really good measure. Plus it’s so quiet the slurp can be heard 3 blocks down*

Seeing as that’s about as creative I am going to get on here, I might as well go back to my other more creative projects. It’s still early. I can knock off another hour from *checks time* 3:30 to 4:30. You should note that I am not an insomniac. If I get into bed, I will not spend 5 minutes before slipping into a coma-like sleep state.

*licks tea cup clean*

So let’s knock off the hour, shall we?


12 thoughts on “Make Tea. It’s 3am.

  1. 03:00 hrs? Is it not against the law to boil kettles before 0530? I feel really lazy after reading this. I did not wake up fully until 11:45 and even that was because there was a new bed being delivered.

    The easiest way to solve a large problem is to break it down into smaller constituents. Best of wishes with your projects

  2. Jesus! You actually do all-nighters? *reaches out to touch Carol’s face* and you’re real …Note to self: You must pull up your socks…

    Hope you managed to break down that wall…and a happy belated birthday to your brother. Cheers

    1. Hahaha! Then we’d have to use a broom and dustpan to collect you and send you to bed! Circumstances my dear…. circumstances 🙂

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