Let Events Begin! 1: The Nissan Challenge Premiere

The Declaration

Told you lot I’m on an event attending spree. O I didn’t mention it on here? Ok, here’s the 411. A friend was so bold as to mention that I have become a wall flower. Promised if I didn’t change my weepingly boring ways he’d ensure that my next birthday gift would be a picture frame to hang myself on the wall. So I went and did this sweeping declaration:

Challenge 1

It appears the minute I threw that statement out there the Gods of events shone their light this way. Remember how I was telling you I have enough social media accounts? I got to learn about the #NissanChallengePremiere event from my favorite one, Twitter. This was to be the official close and launch of the TV series on the DT Dobie Nissan Challenge where the Challenge hosted by Bobby and his crew set out to prove that only Nissan can provide you with a range of pick-ups powerful enough to move your goods through the Kenyan terrain, from multiple-lane super highways to the harshest road conditions that we have come to enjoy (and this I say with genuine fondness). They combined the event with a noble cause, delivering food to the needy in Lodwar. Awesome, yes? It gets better.

There were some tickets on offer to people who could answer questions, from a simple one, the color of the Nissan NP 200 used in the challenge to the mildly complicated one, naming all the five Nissan models used in the Challenge, which saw the crew travel from Nairobi, to Meru, Nakuru, Kisii, Kisumu, Eldoret and onwards to Lodwar.

I love myself. As it has been apparent. I therefore automatically went for the simple question. Unfortunately, so did most of my Twitter friends so I was beaten to that one. Lucky for me, first I had been closely following the Challenge leg on leg updates and second, I have not completely abandoned the ghost town that has become Google Plus. This is where the mildly complicated question was posted and yours truly breezed through it. And won! *cue applause*.

The Event

I received instructions on where to collect the ‘Admit One’ ticket and I headed there bright and early. Ticket in hand I spent the whole day skipping about as I undertook daily tasks, eagerly awaiting the appointed event time, 6:30pm.

6:30pm unfortunately found me in the throes of agonizing on which shoes to wear. Yes, I also go through such times. I arrived at the event at 7:00p.m. *bows head in shame*. Lucky for me, the sit-down call was just happening at that time, so sneaking in was a breeze. Sadly, I missed the mingle-and-snack part of the event. 2 short speeches later, a short documentary on the Challenge was televised and I have to say, it is very well done! The crew did a stellar job. There were even some hilarious scenes!

Aaaawww… Don’t feel left out. Lucky for you, you get to experience the whole 5 day Challenge through KTN with series covering all of the 2,500km starting Monday 26th March 2012 at 8:30pm. The preview? Here you are. Thank me later. Or now. Either is good.

And this, dear readers, was my favorite car for the entire Challenge. The Nissan Navara! The only car I found myself fondling through the night and could have gladly taken home, given the chance.

You like?


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