The Chinese are Turning Red

There is something lovable about the Chinese. Maybe it’s their crying-like accent. Or could be the fact that they can invade a city and in no time exact own nearly every business in town. But mostly I think it’s their tiny bodies. It is near adorable! Seriously, do you think if a chinese person ate and ate and ate would grow fat? Do they even watch what they eat?

One more thing I have forgotten. Their sometimes hands-on approach to doing things is admirable. At least as far as the Super-Highway is concerned. You should know that the road near my house is being expanded. You should also know that the Chinese have caused me grief unknown. First, for the sake of building a bridge (I fail to see what that had to do with trees), they cut down the huge canopy trees near my house, not only exposing my balcony area, meaning that I cannot catch the afternoon sun in my….. er…. well, slippers, privately, but also ensuring every dust particle blown up by their heavy machinery landed in my house, thus increasing my house-cleaning frequency, therefore making me very unhappy. Second, in the process of expanding the road, they moved traffic to near my house. I’m telling you, I could almost see drivers texting or even control traffic right from my kitchen window as I see to breakfast! Worst of all, they have burst my water pipe so many times and having to engage them has almost had us on a first-name basis. I treasure water. Flowing water. So lack of water in my tap causes me great discomfort (that’s me being polite).

That said, we are all familiar with the Thika Road and other adjoining roads transformation. These small bodied, creative people have managed to weave the roads so magnificently that every morning, you need to send a request for new mapping or you will find yourself from your house to the outskirts of the city instead of your workplace. They have been going on quite well, until the heavy rains set upon our earth. Why didn’t anybody warn them that rain around here can drown unwilling fishes? Now, the bridge I mentioned earlier near my house? It is giving the good Chinese men grief. They had barely completed one side of the bridge when the rains fell. Each morning, I see them speaking animatedly amongst themselves and the other road builders. I can only guess what they are saying but I can assure you, their faces are always a sharper shade of red than the day before.

Drivers are not having an easy time either. That bridge floods so badly the drivers taking on that mass of water are quite the scared lot! I don’t even know how they muster the courage to do it! I mean come on, you see a raging river, you don’t see a bridge and you automatically assume there is one, just because you left one there in the morning? One car almost got swept away and a few have stalled right in the middle of crossing!

I’m torn between celebrating the rains while cooling the red-hot Chinese faces and praying the rains subside just a little. Either way, may the roads get done. Besides, it is a road near my house so I get to benefit, no?


11 thoughts on “The Chinese are Turning Red

    1. The bridge wasn’t washed away but they are having to reinforce it every time, poor guys! The cartoons are ‘borrowed’ from the online creatives 😀

    1. The Chinese were sent to the world to torture me. The end. To think I’m looking to cool their red faces… 😀

  1. I just hope the Chinese don’t turn to the next Indians who after building the railway chose to stick around. Now they call the shots in the country. 😦

  2. I am sure if you talk to them nicely they can build you an alternative concrete tree to hide behind in you slippers….
    I see the last couple of months you got your mojo back!

    1. Why didn’t I think of that?! And since they love enterpreneurial stuff I’m sure they would include me in the Concrete Tree Patent. Awesomeity! 😀

  3. am sure u av also bn forced to learn chinese to communicate since they av no tym to study eng jst av tym to get red

    1. Actually, quite a beneficial relationship, language wise. They yell chinese I yell mother tongue. We communicate somehow. 😀

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