Mummy And Wasp Face-Off

I’m not necessarily a tree hugger, but I’m a nature lover. If you have followed me long enough, you probably know that during some free time, I can be found at The Arboretum lying on my back, chewing on a blade of grass contemplating the skies. And with my current balcony farming undertaking, I am beginning to get along with insects. To a point that my savage self does not yell murder at the sight of one and deliver a one-way ticket for poor insects to insect heaven with my over-sized foot.

In particular, there are the wasps. You should know that I’m not afraid of wasps. In fact, there is this colony of wasps that we have harmoniously co-existed for quite a while. Not in my house though. At the balcony. They mind their business and I go ahead and offer accommodation at the top corner of my balcony.

That is until the other day. Weekends have become twice as exciting in my house as Junior and I go crop tending at the balcony and he is able to assess how well his crop is doing. Remember I mentioned he has planted a few seeds on some margarine tubs? Yes he is quite excited especially since we are about to harvest those and utilize them in a meal soon. Back to wasps. As usual, after morning chores on a bright Saturday morning, Junior and I go to the balcony to look after plantation. Out of nowhere, this wasp comes zooming down and delivers a sting to Junior’s hand. I have never seen the boy as terrified as he was that day. You have never seen an angry lioness as I was on said day. How dare they attack my offspring? Do they see me flying up their nest to attack their almost offspring (they are eggs at the time)? Of course not! Haven’t I been paying rent on time and ensuring there is a roof over their offspring? Darn right I have! And then they go and do this? I did not care that it was probably one rogue wasp that did the ninja attack. This mama went savage on the whole colony. And this is where things got interesting.

You see, wasps are not exactly the kind of insects you hold a committee with and kindly request them to leave because they have violated some unspoken terms in some contract. No. They never go quietly. Not even with a can of bug spray. So it was an all out war. Face painting and all. I locked junior in the house, after administering some overkill (really, pain killers, antihistamines, vaseline, ointment, dettol) yes, overkill first-aid, picked up a long broomstick (I keep those for various reasons which you probably don’t want to know), covered my face with a large scarf, red, no less, strategically placed myself and yanked the hive off and took off like the devil was after me. Because believe me, he was. All this time, Junior was watching the action through the window in amusement, momentarily forgetting his hand was in pain.

Let me tell you, never expect respect from sub-letting tenants or for them to go away without drama during eviction. The wasps were adamant. They were categorically refusing to be evicted. Did I mention? We had an arrangement, the wasps and I. An unspoken arrangement but an arrangement all the same. I pay rent, provide room and occasional snack from my farm and we respect each other’s boundaries. When it’s time to go, they were to pack up and go. Without causing damage. Well, after hours of running battles with the wasps, I won. I wasn’t going to have it any other way.

I’ve seen one coming to scout the place, probably trying to determine if it is safe to return. Wasps tend to get attached to their ‘homes’ like that. But make no mistake. My home is no longer their home. I am putting my foot down. Pun if necessary.


11 thoughts on “Mummy And Wasp Face-Off

  1. That’s the spirit. Nothing provokes more than feeling that a child is under threat. The squatters sure chose the wrong target. A sweet victory after “hours of running battles” you have destroyed the colonialists. Wasps are nasty and they do not offer us anything despite the free room and board that you provide. I would now recommend that you invest in some chemicals that will prevent them building a colony there ever again.

    1. I’ve always been told they can get nasty but I had not seen it previously, so yes, chemicals is the next agenda. No more bed and breakfast.

  2. My kid boiled water then put it in a bucket and some how managed to throw it at their nest. Needless to say, no wasps returned to that spot

    1. Waaao! Resourceful kid! I wonder whether I should tell mine to try that… Or maybe I should just do it myself, yes? 😀 Good idea btw. Thanks! I shall definitely consider it 🙂

  3. Girl, I love you. I really do…but I still would have been the one on the floor laughing my head off instead of joining you in the wasps vs humans throwndown 🙂

  4. Girl, I love you. I really do…but I still would have been the one on the floor laughing my head off instead of joining you in the wasps vs humans throwdown 🙂

    1. I’m starting to re-evaluate this love-hate relationship we have going. clearly you are for the wasps team! We need to talk.

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