London 2012: The Send-Off Dinner For Kenyan Olympic Team

Whatever my child needs me to be, I’m the woman for the job” – One of the global mums

I know! Posh, right? And do our athletes deserve any less? Nope. Nothing less than a black tie send-off dinner, graced by non other than the Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Raila Odinga and other dignitaries. And a bunch of very sharp looking, very proud Kenyans. And me. Yes! Me! You know those events you go to and you totally want to hug each and every Olympian and yell at them, ‘I so know you! I’ve always cheered you on! I was the one yelling at my screen urging you to keep at it and when you crossed the finishing line, I did a cartwheel in my house!’

The Team During trials at Nyayo National Stadium

But like I mentioned, Black Tie. Everyone, including me, was in their best behavior. This was yet another Procter & Gamble sponsored event, which they held in conjunction with the National Olympics Committee of Kenya, to bid farewell to Team Kenya at Safari Park Hotel, last night. The look on those Kenyans was one of ‘we are coming to get you’. You could almost feel their bodies revving to go and do what they do best. Represent this our beloved country. You could almost touch the excitement in the room, with everyone feeling so proud to be sharing a table with these great fellow country-men. And the guest of honor did not water things down. He seemed to know the chronology of notable Olympic events off the top of his head. Without any reference point! With added excitement, he went on to echo what we were all feeling, this is gonna be our year. Forget Seoul where we downed the world by grabbing 8 gold medals, easy. This time, we were not going to give them a break. The selected crème de la crème team is out of this world.

You should know, as I had mentioned in an earlier post that this year’s Olympics is centered around mums, thanks to Procter & Gamble , the proud sponsor of mums. The mums who have seen the great athletes of the world from diapers to where they are. The mums who, while all you lot are cheering and telling them to run even faster, cannot watch due to nervousness paralysis. I tell you, these household products giants have gone and outdone themselves. They are not going to let the world forget who deserves the most praise. Mums! Neither did one of our distinguished guest of honor Mama Ida Odinga! In her speech, she insisted that every athlete in the room stand and hug their mums. There and then! And she wasn’t taking no for an answer, this lady. She’s a mum after all. They (we) never are good at taking no for an answer, especially where children are concerned.

Yep! She went and called the athletes on stage and gave each and everyone of them a hug. And she actually uttered these words! ‘These are our children’ It was heart warming, to say the least. In all, it was a wonderful send-off dinner and I want to applaud Procter & Gamble for their commitment to not only developing high quality household products but really going all out to celebrate our athletes and their mums. And Safari Park Hotel did not disappoint either. The dinner was scrumptious, the entertainment by Safari Cats (who refuse to be photographed or video’d as a rule) was worth the watch.

What do you mean what does Procter & Gamble product-line look like? Here it is.

Yes, all those products that you have lying around in your house or your mummy’s house, are all thanks to the great research and top notch production by Procter & Gamble.

Now, join me in wishing our Olympic representatives all the best, won’t you? Show the world how we hunt for those gazelles around here 🙂

And because I can never get over this Ariel advert….


10 thoughts on “London 2012: The Send-Off Dinner For Kenyan Olympic Team

  1. London 2012. Nice. A great story and you have some superb pictures of our amazing athletes. Now let us pray that they will do themselves and us proud and bring back loads of medals of all colours. This heartwarming story deserves nothing less than perhaps a silver!

    1. No *cough* we *cough* may not. Get cafenol for that cough young lady. You sound terrible! *saunters off*

      Yes, we definitely will be couch potato-cheering our team!

  2. My 9 year old daughter here in Australia is extremely excited to be following the progress of the Kenyan athletes at the Olympics. When asked which country she would like to follow she announced Kenya with enthusiasm and excitement. Good luck to you all. We will be following your progress.
    Leah and Lily

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