Learning a Foreign Local Language

Last weekend, I attended a party. What?! I still do attend those! So in this party, let’s just say there were quite a number of inter-marriages between the tribes. That’s what I love about Kenya by the way. So long as two people are in love, talk all you want about ethnic backgrounds. They will go ahead and marry. Maybe that is an indication that we are more united than some of our rogue leaders would care to admit.

Anywho, in this party, I managed to hook up with some really awesome people who are not from my tribe. And seeing as I was the only one of my tribe at that particular table, they decided that it was time I got schooled in their tongue. Me, I love challenges. They are the fires that drive me. As I’m sure it is for most of us. So I sat down to get taught. The foreign local language.

There is this old saying. About old dogs and new tricks. I think it applies to new languages as well. Now, now…, I’m not admitting that I’m old, but I am well seasoned. My brain is sort of set in it’s ways. Near rigid even. It takes time to grasp new complex concepts and believe me, the new tongue was beginning to frustrate the life out of me!

I think this lot was also enjoying seeing me frustrated. I assume that was what the giggling and some language rap between sessions was about. I wasn’t quiting though. And I still am not. If only to show this lot that I am teachable. And to prove to myself that I am not thaaaaat old, neither has my brain set. So I’m hunting down the said lot this weekend for another session of brain smash, aka language teachery. I shall ignore their sadistic laughs and ways. I shall learn.

Wish me luck.


14 thoughts on “Learning a Foreign Local Language

    1. I intend to! Speaking of… (no pun) seeing as this falls squarely in your homeground (assumptions and all)…Help some? 😛

  1. The only Dholuo phrases that I know by heart are: ‘idhi nade’; ‘adhi maber’; ‘aling’ aling’a’ and ‘sudi’…now, before you give me a pat on the back, you should know this: someone once taught me a few basic somali words. I said them out loud, got the pronounciation right, and felt real hip…a couple of days later, I couldn’t even remember a single word I had been taught…maybe the above got stuck in my head & are easier to recall ’cause I attached memories to them (fyi, the memory of the person who delivered said words with such pizzazz, eternally makes me smile)…and that is how I ‘learn’ languages…which is a slacker approach now that I think about it…ignore me…

    1. Oye mami….!! You need to come pick me up from the floor. See, I always knew there was someone out there more scatter-brained than me. Then you dragged yourself along! Now I know there are two more people more scatter-brained than me! I’ll let you know once I find the other one. Then we can have a party.

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