Angels on Twitter

Of all my social media accounts, and I have many, twitter is the most active, the most dramatic one yet. If you want a sample of the different humans there are in the world, go twitter. This platform has also a set of angels that never cease to amaze me.

I came across a tweet through a Retweet by a tweep that I follow regarding itsbrayo. A sudden attack of appendicitis necessitated urgent surgery. Other than the shock of being told you need surgery for a condition that just suddenly happens, there comes the shock of you need to come up with the funds to facilitate the surgery. I cannot imagine what in such a position you would worry about. The surgery going alright or you being able to settle the bill.

Enter the twitters. ItsBrayo went on to post his current dilemma on twitter.



There and then, tweeps went to work, rallying together to assist him. Awesome, no? And you tell me there are no angels among us. 6 hours later, contributions had hit Kshs.46,645. That was according to Marcus Olang’ who has been keeping tabs on the situation.


Like I said, there are angels among us. I have seen great works through twitter. Contributions, prayers, love and light to ItsBrayo.


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