Setting Rabid Dogs on KPLC – My Broken Fridge

On a good day, I can be very patient. On an even better day, I can shake hands with an annoying person. I have been experiencing better days, which means I have been shaking hands with KPLC even when they get into the disco fever, switching the power on and off at will. I sometimes think there is a very bored individual manning those switches and the only entertainment he gets (it has to be a he) is playing with different switches. My patience ran out yesterday and I am on seeth mode.

See, there is one gadget in my house that I will not let anyone play around with. You can have my laptop, you can have my fancy phone, even my toaster if you want. But never my fridge. You should also know that milk is the main source of nutrition in my house. That means I horde tons of it, both in the fridge and in the freezer. You cannot throw anything in there without hitting a can of milk.

For the past few days, the on-off KPLC games have reached new heights. And in so doing, my fridge has stopped working. I am not an amused woman. I am never pretty when I am not amused. My frozen milk has thawed. I have yelled at all the right people and in the process I have been assured that my refridgerator is fixable, which will be done in a few days.

Until someone explains to me, like a 2 year old, why KPLC seems to have the problems it has with the constant power supply, I’m still very upset. Mostly because I’m worried that the next gadget to blow might be one that will not be easy to fix.

Meanwhile, I have decreed that the occupants of my house temporarily convert to cats. Everyone will have a glass of milk, 3 times a day, every day till the current supply runs out. That is over and above any teas, chocolates, or coffees that they shall be taking, and if you are unfortunate enough to be Junior, your food comes with extra milk instead of soup. No milk shall go to waste.

Too, give the focused, rabid dogs room should you run into them. They are headed to KPLC offices and you do not want to break said focus.


11 thoughts on “Setting Rabid Dogs on KPLC – My Broken Fridge

  1. I feel you on the milking woes. For us, the on-off switch means we keep getting stuck in the office lift. Perhaps we should switch to stairs =/

    1. Ok, you should first know I am not afraid of small spaces. I however dread enclosed spaces, large or small. I’d have resulted to stairs ages ago! Too, take a hint. Go stairs. 😀

  2. Haha lovely post. In my view the least said about KPLC the better. They are a law unto themselves. The blame, imho, lies squarely with the fat-cats who still believe that providing a continuous electricity supply is a priviledge – a favour that we should all be thankful for. How can er run a modern economy without guaranteed power supplies? All those big wigs should have their salos cut whenever we have our power cut – that would teach them! Every cloud has a silver lining – I love milk and would happily play cats – But I hate dogs and will steer well clear – thanks for the warning 🙂

    1. Tehehe. Happy to help re: Warning. If you think this disco lights is bad, then you have never heard of them emptying dams to propagate black-outs so they sell generators. That is the epitome of big catedness. smh.

    1. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time in relation to holding monopolies liable! I’ll definitely find out more.

  3. And if ur junior your meal comes wit an extra glass of milk instead of soup #dead lmao…KPLC’s staff who play disco with the lights should burn in a lake of sulphur

    1. Yezzz! Worked for Cleopatra. Might have done wonders! Too bad I don’t have a basin large enough to fit the whole me in. *dejection*

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