The Kenyan Mom’s Kids Book Club Launches A Fully Fledge Library

In Collaboration With Seedlings Kindergarten And Junior School

The Kenyan Mom’s Kids Book Club has today, 31st May 2013, launched a fully fledged library. Book club members will now enjoy a wide choice range of books including Kiswahili and French reads. With the diminishing library services across the country and the reading culture by children being overtaken by technology and television, the Kids Book Club and Library is at the forefront to ensure that we bring back reading and proper writing to our children, with an aim to bring up an informed generation.

The library, which caters for children between Ages 4 years to 13 years, which are the most important ages for instilling good habits.

Over and above the library services the following are added benefits for the Book Club members:

  1. Children will be able, through their parents, to borrow books online, and they can have the books delivered anywhere within the Central Business District and Westlands.
  2. We shall be holding regular writing competitions on book summaries, that we will publish on The Kenyan Mom forum, rewarding the best done summary.
  3. We will be holding events for the Book Club members as well as career days, where we will have parents in different fields talk to children.
  4. Book Club Members will be able to visit companies to see how products come about, and thereafter we shall have them write what they understood from their visit. The aim of these exercises is to encourage children to be more observant of their surroundings.
  5. In time, parents and children will be able to enjoy benefits and discounts from our partner outlets.

These are among the few benefits that the Kids Book Club members will enjoy! If you would like to have your child enrolled, please send an e-mail to info(at)kenyanmom(dot)com or fill in the form at: and we will get back to you with details.


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