Kids Book Club Library Catalogue

Choose from our catalogue below or let us know your child’s age through the Contact Form and we will select a few reads for you.


Book Code Book Title Author
KM001 The Magnificent Mummies Tony Bradman & Martin Chatterton
KM002 Postman Pat’s Letters On Ice John Cunliffe
KM003 The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle
KM004 The Story of Ber Rabbit and The Tar Baby Walt Disney
KM005 When Will I Read Miriam Cohen
KM006 Pups and Suds Leo D. Hall
KM007 The Snow John Burningham
KM008 Face Painting Monica Hughes
KM009 Mother Goose On The Farm Diane Muldrow
KM010 The Cake Maker Althea
KM011 Five Little Monkeys Eileen Christelow
KM012 Shadow and The Halloween Party Andy Rector
KM013 Madeline Ludwig Bemelmans
KM014 Guess What They’re Building Sarah Toast
KM015 Dumbo Walt Disney
KM016 Postman Pat To The Rescue John Cunliffe
KM017 Koala’s Big Day Rebecca Johnson
KM018 Postman Pat And The Greendale Ghost John Cunliffe

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