Reading and Comprehending – Kids Book Club & Library

That was this week’s theme at the Kids Book Club & Library. Each week, we have a theme, where we present a task to the club members and get them to carry it out. One hour at most, then we get to private reading, playing and snacking.

The kids had so much fun competing they couldn’t get enough. I gave each child a small book to read, and after they were done, I gave them a book and pencil to write me a small summary of what they understood.

They also helped me set up the library, as part of responsibility that we are teaching the young ones. Amazingly, children love to help, so long as they are guided on what to do. They do it with such care. The only disclaimer is, never give children tasks that take too long, as they easily get bored and lose concentration.

One of the summaries we had was from our favorite reader. Samia. This little girl can never get enough of reading she made me promise to get her some books during the week to read. 2 books, which is what the club members are allowed to take out of the library each week are not enough for her. Her story was ‘Ballerina Becky’. Here’s her summary:

Samia’s Summary:

She is a beautiful fairy and she just loves to dance even when she is brushing her teeth. Also when she is eating her breakfast she is doing ballet but when she is told to go to the ballet class, she is a little nervous but finally she enjoys it.

Samia is 71/2 years old and she is able to write this well. This is just one of my beautiful club members. Together with reading and playing together, the kids got to share snacks with each other, which is another lesson we are trying to teach the children.

You will agree with me that these kids will soon be entering the writing competition soon. The aim is to create a reading nation, again. I am very proud of them and I cannot wait to see them again on Saturday, for another themed, fun filled day!


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