Observing And Drawing – Kids Book Club & Library

Last week’s theme at the Kids Book Club and Library was observing and drawing. Most times, we assume that children cannot be able to express themselves, or they cannot be able to decipher the world they live in. Wrong. They know what they want, and they can set their own limits. All they need is guidance, and correction here and there.

our theme, we presented the kids with very simple items to look at from where they were and draw them out. This was the image, and we had all kinds of drawings coming out.

After that, as usual, the kids were given some time to pick books that they wanted to read. The drawing exercise must have been quite draining, because half of them headed straight to the reading corner, which is carpeted, and they sprawled themselves out and went ahead to read. 30 minutes later, they all headed outside for play time, before checking their library books out for the next one week.

Looking forward to seeing my lovely babies next Saturday!


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