Our Imagination – Kids Book Club Last Week

Last week at the Kids Book Club and Library, the children were using their imagination. The idea was to tell a story, whatever story they liked, in their own words. As usual, we always theme our time at the Library, to make sure that we not only encourage the little ones to read, but to also engage their other senses. The most fascinating thing about watching the children as they think of a story, you can almost see the story forming in their heads.

Here’s one of the story from my little ones:

“The Bad School

Once Upon a time there was a cruel headteacher. Whenever it was lunchtime, she made them play but did not give them lunch. So this pencil lived in year 9. So she came up to destroy the ugly headteacher’s office. So when every one had gone the pencil sneaked into the headteacher’s room and burnt it.”

I know, the imagination! How else would we have great writers if we didn’t hone their writing skills right from when they are little?

Thereafter, we had reading time, with me reading for the little ones(3yr olds and 4yr olds) who still cannot read on their own as we all piled up on our favorite carpeted reading corner.

The children and I were so excited, when one little one and her mom brought us some puzzles and more reading books to use at the club! Now we have another theme, maybe for next week even! The kids cannot wait to sink their little hands on the games. Thanks Sonya and little Samia. Love you guys 🙂

See more images below. And that is why Saturday has become my favorite day.


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