The Puzzle Party – Kid’s Book Club Last Week

By Bilha Maina

Another exciting Saturday that was well spent. This time round, the kids did different puzzles, form building words, to animals and cartoons like Dora the Explorer. It was loads of fun building up pieces together. It was total team work as pairs and groups hurdled up together: two minds are certainly better than one.

After the elephant puzzle was completed, they asked for their well deserved break to ran about and play a game or two round the place. They came back and asked to do story summaries and read. That’s how much everyone is now familiar with the programme. We read about Noah’s Ark, Sponge Bob and other interesting books.

During break and snack time there is always some interesting conversation going on, this time round there was a debate about their favorite colors. Most girls agreed on red and purple and the boys voted blue and purple still. I guess purple won the day!

The kids then carried away some books to read at home with their exercise books to do summaries because at the end of the day it’s all about reading and understanding. And everyone is cool with it, because it’s so much fun!

More photos on: The Kenyan Mom Page


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