Mr. Funny

By Bilha Maina

We were reading in turns on Saturday. Everyone had a chance to read out aloud about the very funny Mr. Funny while the rest listened intently. You know they were listening because all questions asked where answered in excited chorals. They even volunteered to write the summary down, about how Mr. Funny went home to have a cup of cake. It was so much fun listening to one another, conglomerating on one table that we lost track of time and were late for break and snacks. After a good reading, the kids definitely needed to go up and down the slide and share sandwiches snacks! Here’s us reading in turns.

See More photos here:

The members of the kid’s club keeping growing and every Saturday a new member joins the troupe. This Saturday, a brilliant Adrian Muturi wrote us a good story about James and a giant peach, from Roal Dahl books.

Please, do enjoy the read:

James and the giant peach.

James lived peacefully with his parents but one day they went to London to do some shopping, mind you on a crowded street and both of them got eaten up by an angry rhinoceros which had escaped from the London zoo.

Their troubles were all in a jiffy. James was sent to live with his two beastly aunts and the house he used to live with his mother and father had to be sold immediately.

His aunts were Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker . Aunt Spiker was as fat as jellyfish and very short.

Don’t you want to get the book and just finish the story because of this synopsis? I can’t wait for more story summaries from these young story tellers.


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