Tale Time!

This Saturday I realized how much it has now become a habit for the kids when they check in at 10. They all carry bags with the books they read for the week and some little goodies to munch on later. They all sit and wait excitedly for what’s to come. This week, it was more stories and tales. It was beyond entertaining with everyone having something to share about a story they knew or some anecdote encountered during the week.

There was a story about lions and tigers, lice and even snails. Young Sifa told us about a weeding she attended and how much fun they had to; from the food they ate to the beautiful bride they saw. We learnt what some of the members of the gang did during their school time and during their free hours. There was another beautiful story re-encountered about Jesus and the traders at the temple and how He drove them away. There were so many stories, some interesting, some funny and others full of suspense.

After we were done with the stories, it was time for the obvious. Reading books. I noticed that the boys like books about animals and nature; they like books about outer space, fish, snakes, dragon, rabbits and bears. The girls like the very colorful books about people. They like books about little Miss Tiny, Noah’s Ark, Snow White and other stories concerning the adventures of different eponymous characters.

After a few months, what makes me so proud is the fact that the children can sit down for all of 20 minutes and read a book. And not just read for the sake of reading, they want to tell me or even write down what they have read. Even the children who were hyper-active when we started have settled down to reading quietly.

Clearly, all children need is guidance, and we are giving them plenty of that.

A morning well spent is all I can say and a warm welcome to our new club member, Mark.

Till the next Saturday.


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