Back To Basics – Reading And Summarising

Last week, we went back to basics. Reading, Comprehending and Summarising. It is amazing how far the children have come, over the past few months that we have been together. From their level of concentration, reading and even understanding putting down what they have understood. They even enjoy participating!

Here’s what we were summarising:

The Mess That Is Mr. Muddle

Mr. Muddle is so mixed up! He wears his shoes on his hands like a pair of gloves, he drives a nail with the sharp end out (ouch) and he puts butter on his table instead of his bread like a table sand which. When his friend asks him to join him for fishing, he pulls the boat out of the water and onto the beach to fish in the sand instead of pushing it into the water. It’s easy to loose it when you are his friend, but his people understand him, hopefully, including his very own Mrs. Muddle.

His ‘no’ means ‘yes’ and he doesn’t know of one opposite from the other. He’s a confused chap, Mr. Muddle. If he lived here, he would probably be on the news with and equally confusing explanation to tie in with the story. We would probably blame the Mama Pima and say he is drunk, or he was definitely cursed, off course.

But Mr. Muddle is not mad, you see, he is just a mess. A funny mess. So we all read about the queer chap, shook our heads in pity and wrote the story down exactly how we heard it being read. Then we all went home wondering about Mr. Muddle and if there was a way to help him. And how we would look if we wore our snickers in our hands and walked around the mall like that.

Then it came to summarising time and the children captured the story spot on.

And of course we always have play time slotted in, even with all the reading and summarising!


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