Why We Are ‘Winging’ It At The Library These Days

Like every project I undertake, I am very careful not to enter into it with too much rigidity. I have learnt that life is full of lessons, more so, the projects we undertake. This ensures that when I need to pivot or change how I am handling any of the projects, it doesn’t feel too much like a shock to my system.The Kids Book Club Library has not be any different.

When we started the Kids Book Club Library, we used to theme it. Each week would be different. That is until I started noticing that each kid preferred to express themselves in a different way. Some children loved to write stories, others loved to just sit in a corner and read. Others would tell me stories by drawing or just by sitting down for a chat. While the main aim of the Library is to get our children to read and write, I believe that it should not be so rigid as to make children feel like they are back to school. That is the only way they will associate reading with fun. Doing something that they enjoy during their time at the Library, and thereafter borrowing 2 books for the week.

In our busy lives, we sometimes do not realise that our children are unique individuals, and they will not necessarily like what we like. For example, I am a writer. Junior on the other had would rather work puzzles or play piano. Should I then enforce my writing method on him or would it be better for him to discover what he loves doing? That is what the library is about these days. We now have separated corners where each child can pick an activity that they love. Puzzles, Drawing, Painting, Reading, Summarizing or even once in a while, sneak into the piano room to have a play at the instrument. They also have some chat time with me, where they are able to tell me what they have been up to during the week. It will surprise you how creative children can be and how well they can express themselves when given the chance.

So go on, let your child once in a while tell you what they would like to do, outside of class and homework. You might be surprised.


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