Salute and Tribute, The Kids Book Club Way

By Bilha Maina

We here at Kenyan Mom would like to first of all send our heartfelt condolences to all those who were affected by the heart-wrenching Westgate Attack and join the peace preaching force. #WeAreOne.

Even the kids know about it, they knew what was going on as I heard some of them mention this Saturday. Some were even in the patriotic mood, bringing Kenyan symbols of unity to show others. One of our little ones, Samia, lost her friend and classmate in the attack and she had been in rough shape through the week. Yet, in her wonderful heart as always was able to engage the other children and myself in a mind-blowing 1.5 hours of code-setting and code-breaking game of ‘Mastermind’. Thank you so much Samia.

We had a lot of other interesting conversation. This was done as we played puzzles and these other board games that can easily get one hooked on. Time flew so fast, I didn’t even realize it was noon!

There was no writing of summaries this time round, just coloring of animals, reading out loud, puzzles, join-the-dots and group discussions. Most kids love to read books of cartoons they have watched, because for some reason, it seems to validate their existence. It turns out that they also like such books that have a television programme, being given to them as gifts. – Just a birthday present tip to you parents, aunties, uncles , grand parents and god parents out there.

It was also one of our bookworm’s birthday. Sifa. After the library, nearly all the children hurdled in Sifa’s mom’s car and went to Sifa’s house to celebrate. It was a good way to end the week for our little ones and seeing as they left Sifa’s house late in the evening, and wanting to sleep over, I’m positive they had a wonderful time!With that said and on a much lighter note, Happy 6th Birthday to one Sifa, a club member and a beautiful child.


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