Kids Book Club and Library Grab A Book Goes To Unreasonable Institute East Africa

It has been quite a ride for Grab A Book, our Kids Book Club and Library that is aimed at bringing back the reading culture to our children. We successfully opened our second library at Shadrack Kimalel Primary School, and we would like to humbly thank everyone who has helped us through book donations, cash and even a word of encouragement. It has kept my team and I quite motivated to see this through, even when days get tough.

We are announcing another milestone! We have been selected as Unreasonable Institute East Africa 2014 Fellow! What does this mean? This means that Grab A Book has been recognised as a project creating a sensible solution in East Africa, in this case, getting the children to read and write in a fun environment.

We still have a long way to go and now have an opportunity to meet with world-class mentors, sponsors, and venture capitalists who will guide us on the best steps to take in order to make Grab A Book even better. How we can reach even more children in need and grow our libraries across Kenya. We are the only venture in East Africa that is concentrating on Education this year, which means we are more than determined to help our young ones.

We need your help to make sure we are able to fly out to Kampala and meet these leaders. Just as we have managed to buy books, a few shillings at a time, we still believe we can also make this worthwhile trip, a few shillings at a time. Please check out our profile on the Unreasonable Institute East Africa here: Tell your friends and just as we have been doing, let’s show the world that we treasure and believe in our children.


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