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Why The Movies Frozen and Maleficent Are My Current Favorite Animation

Let’s face it. I have become that parent. The parent who cringes at scenes of kissing, especially in animations. I mean c’mon, I have an 8 year old! I don’t want him watching ‘that stuff’!!!! Dear lord, I have become my mother. Yes. Mummy will still cringe when she sees me watching movies that have kissing in them. At my age!


So why am I swooning over Maleficent and Frozen? First of all, you need to understand that most of these disney animations and books will tend to have a princess in distress, who will eventually be rescued by a horse (or it’s equivalent) riding stud of a prince. They go ahead and say that only true love’s kiss or an act of true love will break some spell.

The above still have the same story line. Where they deviate is in the portion where some evil spell is broken by true love’s first kiss or an act of true love! I will not spoil this for my young and young at heart readers, so I will keep away from the spoilers or the plot line, but what I truly love (see what I did there?) about these pictures is that for Maleficent, the true love’s first kiss comes from Maleficent. That is a shocker twist in that plot, since it is not the prince who woke Aurora up, but Aurora’s adopted ‘God Mother’. As for Frozen, the act of true love did not come from a kiss by the oh so handsome ice boy, but from Anna, who saved her sister Elsa from the prince imposter! *insert the ugly tears wail here and pass tissues all round*.

Yes, indeed I have become my mother. But in becoming my mother, my perspective of love and disney kind of love has come into question, and even surprisingly been changed by these two animations. In a very good way.


One response

  1. I think I can almost recite the whole of Frozen, the number of times my kids have watched that movie!

    January 9, 2015 at 12:55 pm

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