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Boy Shower Chronicles

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my boy. In fact, you could say quite a large part of my life revolves around him. I do let him get away with quite a lot. Lately though, we are on a waring path. Main reason? Showering.


See these days, he insists he is a big boy and he will not have mummy give him a bath. That sounds like something to celebrate no? Well, NO! It would be something to celebrate if he was doing a good job of it, if at all. I get the feeling I am not the only mummy of a boy who has nearly given up on strict shower rules. He is like a cat where water is concerned. In fact the other day, he looked at me straight in the eyes and announced that he thinks he has water allergies. I know! That’s not all. Sometimes he will decide that since I don’t clean my hair every day, then he shouldn’t. Don’t forget, this is a very active boy, who not only will play soccer every chance he gets, but will also decide that he is not too old for the sandpit.

All is not lost however. I am not beyond playing the mummy card and I have declared that, till I am happy with his bathing habits, every Sunday is mummy and me bath time. What does this mean? It means that I will escort him to the bathroom, sit and watch him shower, and clean any part of him that I deem unclean.

Oh don’t worry. I am not overdoing it. I doubt he will even allow me to sit in for the first time. He has countered my deal with; He will shower and I get to inspect all places that get ignored. Head, arms, and back of the neck. I think that’s a pretty good deal, don’t you think? After all, we do not want him to feel powerless. Plus, we are trying to hone his negotiation skills.



Pampers Happy Baby – Happy Mama Number One

Last week, I introduced you to the new Pampers Baby-Dry and what to look for in this amazing new diaper. Do you remember the features? Because we have  harped on about these cool features on our social media pages to keep reminding you. I’ll still remind you again. The features of the new Pampers Baby-Dry are:

1.    New Stretchy Sides – They grow as your tot grows
2.    New Fun Designs – Baby and mom can engage in learing during changing
3.    Super Gel – To lock in moisture
4.    4 Dryness Layers – To keep the baby’s bottom dry
5.    Soft Outer Cover – To match the softness of a baby’s body
6.    Baby Lotion – To keep your baby smelling fresh all day

We also held a competition where you, our readers, were to nominate a mom to win a Pampers Gift Hamper using the hashtag #PampersHappyBaby. We have this week’s winner!


This is Val. She is a working mom and the one thing she does not need to worry about is if her baby is having a regular change of diaper. That is why she has always gone for Pampers. Her current excitement is that Pampers Baby-Dry has improved so much including the “Stretch” factor, which ensures that as her baby grows, Pampers Baby-Dry attains the appropriately without any leaks.

First hand testimonial of a very busy and happy mom. Congratulations @NightNas!

Let’s get the nominations for this week on. Nominate a mom, and tell us why the mom deserves to win a Pampers gift hamper. Remember to use the hashtag #PampersHappyBaby and check out our Facebook Page and Twitter Profile for more nominations. Get these hampers out of my hands and let you and your bundle of joy enjoy a peaceful night and playful days with the New Pampers Baby-Dry.