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Dettol. My Bottle Of Clean

Like any other mom, I can be quite psychotic when it comes to cleanliness. Let’s be honest for a minute here. When you become a mom, germs terrify you. You always imagine those silly little microscopic things getting into everything, and God forbid, near your little precious. You want everyone coming into your house or even near your child to wear hazmat suits. Or at least scrub their hands until near bleeding if they are to even look at your baby! Or throw said baby in a bubble. Yep. That is the kind of psychosis that motherhood, especially new motherhood induces.

Suffice it to say, I was not spared this level of psychosis. Ask my family. They honestly thought that I had been swapped for some alien soon as I bore my son. I cleaned. Obsessively! Still do btw. This cleaning involved Dettol. My house always smelled of Dettol. That was the only way I could relax. The surfaces, the floors and even the hand soap, all reeked of this lovely comfort that was Dettol. But I mean, could you blame me? I grew up in a household where sparkling clean was of utmost importance! Yeah, try skiving a Dettol cleaning in a house where your mother is a nurse and cleanliness trumps breathing (hi mum. love you).

Then came the toddler phase where my son believed that food eaten off the floor was sweeter than the stuff people were consuming in those round looking things we called plates. Dial the Dettol cleaning psychosis a notch higher! And trust me, a toddler eating, even off the floor is such a relief to mummy of a fussy eater! So I wasn’t going to tell my child to stop eating.

Long psychotic story short, I no longer clean obsessively. Thus, feel free drop by for a visit without worrying that I will scrub your hands and face with the stuff but rest assured, eating food off the floor in my house will probably leave you healthier than you were before. Ok maybe not healthier but don’t feel shy about picking that piece of chicken off the floor and popping it into your mouth! Because….. with Dettol, you’re 100% sure!

Why The Movies Frozen and Maleficent Are My Current Favorite Animation

Let’s face it. I have become that parent. The parent who cringes at scenes of kissing, especially in animations. I mean c’mon, I have an 8 year old! I don’t want him watching ‘that stuff’!!!! Dear lord, I have become my mother. Yes. Mummy will still cringe when she sees me watching movies that have kissing in them. At my age!


So why am I swooning over Maleficent and Frozen? First of all, you need to understand that most of these disney animations and books will tend to have a princess in distress, who will eventually be rescued by a horse (or it’s equivalent) riding stud of a prince. They go ahead and say that only true love’s kiss or an act of true love will break some spell.

The above still have the same story line. Where they deviate is in the portion where some evil spell is broken by true love’s first kiss or an act of true love! I will not spoil this for my young and young at heart readers, so I will keep away from the spoilers or the plot line, but what I truly love (see what I did there?) about these pictures is that for Maleficent, the true love’s first kiss comes from Maleficent. That is a shocker twist in that plot, since it is not the prince who woke Aurora up, but Aurora’s adopted ‘God Mother’. As for Frozen, the act of true love did not come from a kiss by the oh so handsome ice boy, but from Anna, who saved her sister Elsa from the prince imposter! *insert the ugly tears wail here and pass tissues all round*.

Yes, indeed I have become my mother. But in becoming my mother, my perspective of love and disney kind of love has come into question, and even surprisingly been changed by these two animations. In a very good way.

Finally! My Fancy Shmanzy Drink(s)

For years, I have always admired and been hopelessly jealous of people who had their ‘go-to’ drinks. Coffee on a stressful day, a glass of wine after a long day, beer because… beer gut is cool, Earl Grey tea, well… just because… Earl Grey! It should thus come as no surprise that I have spent the better part of my adult life looking for my fancy drink. Something that I can honestly say that ‘it helps me decompress’ or something cool-ish like that. Truth be told I have hopped on the above bandwagons not wanting to be left behind. Admit it, it’s nice to be in the cool club and people who know what drink they like belong to the cool club!!!

But, oh happy days!! After 20 some odd years of looking for my cool ‘go-to’ drink, I have found it! Them actually. 2. And no, it is not any of the above. Shock of shocks. How I came across these, let’s call it pure chance for now since this is not about the journey that brought my drinks and I together. So what is in my stylish containers?


The silver oh so classy Coffee Press (no I will not gift it to you for Christmas!) contains tea (yes, it can press tea as well). Aaah. But not just any tea! The tea is a combination of Tea Leaves, Tea Masala, Cinnamon, Lemon, Sugar (or Maple Syrup depending on the level of fancy I feel like throwing on for the day) and Cayenne Pepper. No milk. Obviously… The ratios? Pay me and I will tell you. Hell I will even make it for you and ship it to your current location! Never mind the health benefits of all the above ingredients, because being your typical African and more precisely Kikuyu woman…. ‘Health For What?!’ The above tea is a pick me up for any time, day or night and you can sip till you drop! Or go to sleep, whichever comes first.

The purple ‘you know you want to hold me’ lovely bottle holds…. wait for it… Sea salt in warm water. I know, shocking right? But let me tell you, there’s nothing that hugs you or gives you that warm fuzzy feeling like warm Sea Salt water! It’s like coming home. True story!!! The ratio of Sea Salt to warm water is very important and truth be told, you will go through a couple of gag reflex exercises before you hit that magical spot! The perfect combo.

Both these drinks are cheap and easy to make and well, let us just say, my body has no clue on how to behave when it comes to alcoholic drinks so I like to keep the two as far away from each other as possible.

So, what’s your ‘go-to’ drink?


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