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Boy Shower Chronicles

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my boy. In fact, you could say quite a large part of my life revolves around him. I do let him get away with quite a lot. Lately though, we are on a waring path. Main reason? Showering.


See these days, he insists he is a big boy and he will not have mummy give him a bath. That sounds like something to celebrate no? Well, NO! It would be something to celebrate if he was doing a good job of it, if at all. I get the feeling I am not the only mummy of a boy who has nearly given up on strict shower rules. He is like a cat where water is concerned. In fact the other day, he looked at me straight in the eyes and announced that he thinks he has water allergies. I know! That’s not all. Sometimes he will decide that since I don’t clean my hair every day, then he shouldn’t. Don’t forget, this is a very active boy, who not only will play soccer every chance he gets, but will also decide that he is not too old for the sandpit.

All is not lost however. I am not beyond playing the mummy card and I have declared that, till I am happy with his bathing habits, every Sunday is mummy and me bath time. What does this mean? It means that I will escort him to the bathroom, sit and watch him shower, and clean any part of him that I deem unclean.

Oh don’t worry. I am not overdoing it. I doubt he will even allow me to sit in for the first time. He has countered my deal with; He will shower and I get to inspect all places that get ignored. Head, arms, and back of the neck. I think that’s a pretty good deal, don’t you think? After all, we do not want him to feel powerless. Plus, we are trying to hone his negotiation skills.



The Driest Diaper In Kenya – Pampers Baby-Dry Officially Launched

Procter & Gamble has today launched the new Pampers Baby-Dry the driest diaper now with stretchy sides into the Kenyan market. The new range of Pampers that seeks to ensure baby’s comfort is uniquely constructed with added features that are tailored to ensure baby remains dry. With features such stretchy sides and 4 layers of dryness, the diaper is a demonstration of Pampers response to the markets demands.

The new Pampers baby dry comes with stretchy sides that adapt to baby’s movements. As it is important for baby to remain comfortable throughout the night, the sides of the diaper can stretch for up to 10cm’s. Researchers have found that baby can move even up to 10 times more than adults in their sleep, and it is for this reason that Pampers have developed a diaper that ensures baby’s development is not interrupted. The diaper also comes with a super gel that absorbs and locks liquid.  This winning combination of a stretchy sides and dry diaper makes the new Pampers baby dry the best diaper for baby.

Pampers Communications Manager, Tomiwa Ajewole said the introduction of the new diaper is as a result of research and innovation and caters to the needs of mothers in Kenya. Pampers driest diaper with stretchy sides and soft outer cover, will ensure the ultimate comfort for baby.

“Mothers always want the best for their little ones. The new Pampers diaper is our driest diaper and will ensure that little ones are able to remain active and have uninterrupted sleep. Kenyan mothers have asked for a diaper that keeps baby dry and comfortable and this diaper is the perfect fit for their little ones”, said Mr. Ajewole.

“The Pampers diaper has a unique set of extra features: It is even more absorbent, has cotton-like softness, a soft outer cover – to help skin breathe while in the diaper, and stretchy sides to find the perfect fit. The stretchy sides of the diaper ensure that baby will remain dry through-out the night with no leakage.  It is simply our driest diaper now with stretchy sides. It will retail at the current price point and will be available in all sizes and comes with a concentrated core of absorbent gel material (AGM), which absorbs and locks in wetness and four dryness layers  thus keeping it away from the baby’s skin,” added Mr. Ajewole.

Speaking on the launch of the product, Dr. David Githanga, Chairman of the Kenya Paediatric Association said that diapers play a vital role in the healthy development of babies through uninterrupted sleep. Quality, uninterrupted, sleep is important for every baby and helps them wake up well rested, cheerful and ready to start the day.

He also added that “A baby makes up to 30 moves in an hour while sleeping. The new Pampers diaper is designed with stretchy sides mimic the movement of baby. This ensures that baby remains comfortable another important factor for baby to sleep through the night.”

Pampers Brand Ambassador

At the same time, the winner of a 3 months supply of diapers, was announced. Margaret Wambui and her little one received their award from Pampers Brand Ambassador, Janet Kanini.

KPA has been working together with Pampers to educate mothers on the importance of quality sleep and fresh air for their babies while offering tips on they can establish routines to ensure the same.