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5 thoughts on “Kenyanmom Home

  1. I am currently suffering at the hands of diapers! We are four months and from 2nd of this month to date we’ve gone through diapers size 3,4 now wearing 5. I had to give away so many of them cuz they weren’t stretchy enough. 😦 I’m definitely going to try this new pampers, sounds exactly like what I need.

  2. Thanks for making pampers better and better by the day. 1yr 3momths later and pampers is still the brand we have always used. From day one till now. No leakages and no rashes. Pampers is a must have for every mum and kid. Thanks a lot

  3. I like the new look pampers ,the stretch sides add more comfort and my baby can move about with ease,before the pampers diaper used to spill open and pour out gel but I haven’t wittnesed that since the new design was revealed in the market. The only downside is the price,the price sky rocketed .otherwise I like the new design

  4. I year down the line and still using pampers.its so nice especially during the night, idon’t wakeup to change diapers because it keeps the baby dry no leakages no rashes all night long.And now the pampers pants so amazing! Thanks to pampers.

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