Burpees. An Exercise you Should Be Doing

There are 3 burpee camps. You either hate them, love them or have a love hate relationship wit them. I fall in the 3rd camp really. I had a bad relationship with them but after seeing results, I have started to like them, especially for the short cardio burst that they give.

Here is my take on Burpees.

How to Let Go. Dance Like No One is Watching

We have truly forgotten to let go. We forgot to really have fun! We are all serious and don’t take care of ourselves!

We need to start dancing. Dance like no one is watching! Feel the music! Be weird! Dance with your whole body!

The aim here is not the dancing, but the letting go. This couple of minutes, 10, 15, 40 or 60 minutes, forget about everything that you need to be doing or everywhere you need to be. Let go!

Have you been dancing lately? Have you taken time to let go and let be? You need it. The world needs you to let lose . Then you can give the world the best version of yourself.