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Pampers Happy Baby – Happy Mama Number One

Last week, I introduced you to the new Pampers Baby-Dry and what to look for in this amazing new diaper. Do you remember the features? Because we have  harped on about these cool features on our social media pages to keep reminding you. I’ll still remind you again. The features of the new Pampers Baby-Dry are:

1.    New Stretchy Sides – They grow as your tot grows
2.    New Fun Designs – Baby and mom can engage in learing during changing
3.    Super Gel – To lock in moisture
4.    4 Dryness Layers – To keep the baby’s bottom dry
5.    Soft Outer Cover – To match the softness of a baby’s body
6.    Baby Lotion – To keep your baby smelling fresh all day

We also held a competition where you, our readers, were to nominate a mom to win a Pampers Gift Hamper using the hashtag #PampersHappyBaby. We have this week’s winner!


This is Val. She is a working mom and the one thing she does not need to worry about is if her baby is having a regular change of diaper. That is why she has always gone for Pampers. Her current excitement is that Pampers Baby-Dry has improved so much including the “Stretch” factor, which ensures that as her baby grows, Pampers Baby-Dry attains the appropriately without any leaks.

First hand testimonial of a very busy and happy mom. Congratulations @NightNas!

Let’s get the nominations for this week on. Nominate a mom, and tell us why the mom deserves to win a Pampers gift hamper. Remember to use the hashtag #PampersHappyBaby and check out our Facebook Page and Twitter Profile for more nominations. Get these hampers out of my hands and let you and your bundle of joy enjoy a peaceful night and playful days with the New Pampers Baby-Dry.

New Pampers Baby-Dry: What To Look For In A Diaper

Isn’t this the age old question for moms all over the world? Your bundle of joy arrives. You would give anything to have your baby sleep through the night. One thing you know you can do for your baby is keep him dry all night. That means a disposable diaper. But with all the many brands out there, which one is an already exhausted mom supposed to choose? One that will not only keep her new tot dry but also provide the small comforts a baby needs?

Pampers Baby-Dry
Thankfully, the new Pampers Baby-Dry diaper has you covered! With it’s new snazzy features and cute designs Pampers Baby-Dry ensures that your baby has room to move, breath, feed and learn.

What features are we talking about?

New Stretchy Sides

Babies move about twice as much as an adult during sleep and for some, nearly up to 10 times more than their mum during sleep! This movement is very normal during the baby’s development. Enter Pampers Baby-Dry with the stretchy sides to adapt to he baby’s movements and keep him comfortable and snug through the night.

New Fun Designs

We’ve all done it mamas. Sing along to animal songs or the alphabet, to not only keep our tots occupied during changing or bathing times but in the process, introduce our babies to new and fun things. Pampers Baby-Dry is complimenting our efforts with their new fun diaper designs that allow moms to teach their baby things to do with animals, shapes and sounds.

Super Gel

There is no point of using a disposable diaper especially if it ends up not locking wetness or bundles up! The baby will end up wet and grumpy and hot. Thanks to the Pampers Baby-Dry Super Gel, Pampers diaper can absorb and hold up to 30 times the liquid of it’s own weight! Bye bye wet rash, bye by grumpy baby!

4 Dryness Layers

Speaking of dry baby, another snug feature of the new Pampers Baby-Dry diaper is the 4 dryness layer which pulls liquid away from your baby’s bottom keeping it nice and dry.

Soft Outer Cover

So we have all these layers piled on to keep our baby dry and comfortable all day and night. What about the cozy softness? Yep that is well covered in the Pampers Baby-Dry! Ask any new mommy out there. Everything that touches my baby MUST be just as soft and gentle as my baby! That’s why the soft outer cover combined with all other dryness features makes the Pampers Baby-Dry a soft and comfortable addition to the baby’s pre-selected baby cloths.

Baby Lotion

Aaaah and the final and the sweetest bit about the new Pampers Baby-Dry! The lotion which forms a water-repellent layer on the skin surface. This lotion can help protect your baby’s skin against too much moisture, urine or faeces. But you don’t like introducing lotions to your baby’s skin! You say. Good news is, this lotion is safe, and clinically tested to be effective.

There you go. You asked and Pampers listened. All for the comfort of the baby and peace of mind of new mommy! So what do you look for in a diaper? Do let me know through our Facebook Page or Twitter Profile and I could reward you with a sweet baby hamper courtesy of Pampers. Use the hashtag #PampersHappyBaby

Dettol. My Bottle Of Clean

Like any other mom, I can be quite psychotic when it comes to cleanliness. Let’s be honest for a minute here. When you become a mom, germs terrify you. You always imagine those silly little microscopic things getting into everything, and God forbid, near your little precious. You want everyone coming into your house or even near your child to wear hazmat suits. Or at least scrub their hands until near bleeding if they are to even look at your baby! Or throw said baby in a bubble. Yep. That is the kind of psychosis that motherhood, especially new motherhood induces.

Suffice it to say, I was not spared this level of psychosis. Ask my family. They honestly thought that I had been swapped for some alien soon as I bore my son. I cleaned. Obsessively! Still do btw. This cleaning involved Dettol. My house always smelled of Dettol. That was the only way I could relax. The surfaces, the floors and even the hand soap, all reeked of this lovely comfort that was Dettol. But I mean, could you blame me? I grew up in a household where sparkling clean was of utmost importance! Yeah, try skiving a Dettol cleaning in a house where your mother is a nurse and cleanliness trumps breathing (hi mum. love you).

Then came the toddler phase where my son believed that food eaten off the floor was sweeter than the stuff people were consuming in those round looking things we called plates. Dial the Dettol cleaning psychosis a notch higher! And trust me, a toddler eating, even off the floor is such a relief to mummy of a fussy eater! So I wasn’t going to tell my child to stop eating.

Long psychotic story short, I no longer clean obsessively. Thus, feel free drop by for a visit without worrying that I will scrub your hands and face with the stuff but rest assured, eating food off the floor in my house will probably leave you healthier than you were before. Ok maybe not healthier but don’t feel shy about picking that piece of chicken off the floor and popping it into your mouth! Because….. with Dettol, you’re 100% sure!


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