Social Networks and Keeping Up

While I mildly dislike change, I tend to enjoy riding the world of fads, especially if they are promising to be sorta cool. My worst is the Social Networks. See the problem is all the friends I know are deep in the Social Networks networks (not a repeat error). Naturally, when they are trying these networks out, I am among the first people they hit up. And me, being the ‘sweep-the-woman-off-her-feet-with-cool’ woman, I hop on to the wagon(s).

Some I keep up with. Mainly because the hilarity, madness, coolness and the neat information that gets passed on there is like you can’t believe. Take twitter for example. I love twitter. Not as active as I used to be a couple of years ago but the stalking is so sweet I never feel the loss of reduced tweeting. Then there is Facebook. I have the most level headed friends on there, believe it or not. They do try to keep up with my lunacy but Facebook is an inbox of sorts. For passing on mail and hot gossip. Yes children. I get involved in the gossip thing.

Now, there are various other networks that I am in. I have not kept up with as much as I would like to. Like Google+. Last night, I accidentally clicked on the Google+ link and I was shocked that it was actually there! It just popped at my face!

It got me thinking, how did I get onto all these places? Surely, even for the experimenty me, this is rather wild! Take a look at what I mean:

  • Skype
  • Google+
  • Google Wave (How terrible of them to kill this one!)
  • 2 Twitter accounts
  • 2 Facebook accounts (ok technically one is a page)
  • LinkedIn (I can be professional too you know…)
  • 2 Gtalk accounts
  • Yahoo chat
  • 2 corporate e-mail accounts
  • Others. Yes, others. Tumblr is a social network, no?

Quit with the judging expressions and thoughts. I can feel you all the way from over here *points*. Don’t tell me you don’t have nearly as many as these! Also, mail is part of my social network, and your objections have been noted, thank you. It’s not that I’m letting the networks gather dust on purpose. It’s that I’m in so many of them, my scatter brain sometimes fails to keep up. And you are thinking, quit some! And I’m thinking, not on your life! This stuff makes good sense! At least it did at the point of joining. Plus I will always be among the first to experiment on online related stuff. My field, plus my friends, place me in a position of hoping on any new internet fad. I don’t quit stuff easily too.

Now, of the above, I can tell you for sure that I religiously keep up with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and obviously all e-mail accounts. See where my mornings go and why I have to compensate by working till midnight each day including Sundays and public holidays?

Wait, why did I start the Social Networking post? I forget. Maybe it’s because I still haven’t checked mail, and that, save for my morning cup of tea, is one thing I MUST do. Hold the thought. I’ll be right back.


10 thoughts on “Social Networks and Keeping Up

  1. Skype – check. Google Wave – check. Google+ check. Multiple Twitter accounts – check. Facebook – check. LinkedIn – check. Multiple Gtalk – check. Multiple Yahoo – check. Multiple MSN/Hotmail -check. Netlog [forgot my password five minutes after signing up.] DeviantART – check. BranchOut – check. StumbleUpon – check. Did I leave anything out? *cheeky grin* Oh, I also have five different corporate emails … the only things I categorically refused to join are and Tumblr. Blasphemy!!

    1. OMG!!! You are not well! And this is coming from someone who is exactly as unwell as you are. Tsk Tsk. I lost all passwords for my 2 hotmail accounts so that does not count. I did not also include StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Bloglines, Technoratti… bla. All these got relegated to other 😀

  2. Early last year I was here

    My problem was not so much social networks but internets as a whole… always on some site reading some stuff or the other. I was headed right into a case of overload and internet fatigue. I’ve since been on detox and cut back a lot on the nets. I recently deleted my Google plus account, deleted every single e-mail on my gmail account to start over, I go for days without going on to said g-talk and generally just stopped clicking on every and each link like I used to. I have only 5 people on skype. I was late for …. etc etc

    1. I completely hear you Shiko! I almost drowned but mine was more of twitter until I deliberately reduced the tweeting and started telling myself there’s more to life than the nets! I’m so happy you are doing better. I also took the strategy of invisibility on g-talk and skype is left for business purposes only. Closed one of the prominent gmail accounts and started a new one so I know that detox business. Rock on kid 🙂

      1. I still click on tabs as well. But if by evening I haven’t gotten round to reading them, I forget about them. I say they were not meant to be read. Head in the sand? Probably but it is a sane head in the end 😛

    1. I have had many friends get lost in Social Media, so much so that everything going on there becomes personal so I know what you mean! I haven’t got to that stage yet, but thanks for the heads up 🙂

  3. How do you manage to keep up? I remember a long time ago I got into MySpace. I don’t think I ever got to post anything and soon forgot my password. All my emails are routed to outlook so that they are all in one place. every week I say I will reduce my inbox from 2000 to 1000, which I manage in 4 days only for another 2000 emails to pop up. I realized most of it was from groups so I have unsubscribed to groups I subscribed to almost 10 years ago!

    The only social networks that I waste my time…I mean spend some time on are Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays I have learned to control how much time I spend on them. What I enjoy more though are blogs. I would rather spend some time reading some good blogs than status updates!

    PS: Now I understand why I have not been seeing you around on twitter!

    1. Ha! Another one! Tsk tsk. Mail is no longer so bad since I’ve done what you did. Unsubscribed to useless groups. Also, I’ve routed my mail into one mailbox, so control becomes easier. As for social networks, down to bare minimum. See! Reforming addict! 😀

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